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  Head of School    

Latest Update for the Week of Monday, April 27

Monday, April 27, finds HIS heading into its six week of online learning for all students. 

At the end of last week, we received notification from the Private Schools Division of Hokkaido Government that the Board of Education is considering an extension for school closures as the outbreak of Covid-19 is not under control at this time. The timing for this decision is likely to be during Golden Week. HIS will monitor further updates from the government and the news in order to understand how to respond. 

We wish all of our community the best of health at this time and we encourage everyone to abide by the rules provided by authorities. Essential services remain open but other businesses appear to be complying with the government requests to close to ensure that movements are limited.

Decision for the Annual Performance (Kitara)

It is with great sadness that we report our decision not to hold the annual musical performance in Kitara Hall. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we decided not to risk booking Kitara Hall as many of our students are stuck abroad and as we have been unable to gather students together for regular rehearsals. 

We are considering a smaller, in-school performance in the school’s gymnasium, however, we will have to wait until we have greater clarity on the Covid-19 outbreak before notifying our community of plans for that. 

We appreciate your understanding.


Financial Assistance Information Next Week

Please note that updated Financial Assistance information will be published next week. 

If you are in need of Financial Assistance for the 2020 ~ 21 school year, please read through next week’s article here in the Husky Express before requesting application documents.

In the interest of Social Distancing, note that this year’s application documents will be mailed to homes.

Learning Dates / Golden Week Holidays

As you will be aware from previous announcements, HIS is looking to include additional learning time during the time that was going to be for other things. For example, HIS will not be having overnight trips or field trips this school year, instead these will be dedicated to direct instructional learning time. 

This past week, we were again unable to have music performance practices (for Kitara) so the time was given over to direct instruction. 

Other time on the calendar that have or will now be dedicated to direct instruction include: 

  • April 13 (was a school holiday) 
  • Wednesday Mornings 
  • Sports Days 
  • Overnights 

Additional Kitara performance practice times that had been scheduled for the school day, will also be given over to direct instruction, until we can return to the school building for learning. 

Note that HIS will observe the May 4 & 5 national holidays as was originally scheduled.

  From the Principal’s Office  

Secondary S2 Progress Report Cards

Progress reports will be sent out to all parents and students through Alma on Monday April 27th.
If you have any questions regarding your child’s report, please feel free to contact me.

Secondary Course Selections for 2020-21 (Reminder)

Thank you to all the parents who have already forwarded to me their child’s course selections for 2020-21.
If you haven’t completed this yet, please send them to me as soon as possible (see methods below).
All course selections should be sent to me by no later than Friday, May 8th.

I hope that the information provided in the course description guide and on the course selection form is helpful.  If you have any questions at all, please contact me.  

Note that some courses will fill up early.  Priority will be given in order of the course selection sheets received.

High school students should pay special attention to the information at the top of page one and all of page two of the course selection forms. Please make sure that you are getting the required courses you will need for graduation. Mr. Fazio ( - and Ms. Harmon ( are available to help upcoming juniors and seniors with course selections as well if you would like to contact them.

Course selections can be submitted to me in two different ways:

1. By filling in the attached form, scanning it and sending it back to me at  Note that the form must have a parent or guardian’s signature.

2. If printing and scanning is not an option for you, you can type course selections directly into a return email (please be sure to label each class as A1, A2, etc.). If this method is used, note it MUST be sent from a parent or guardian’s email address (in lieu of parent signature).

 @ Niseko 

Dear Teachers, Staff, Parents and Prospective Parents of HIS Niseko

Online Learning Continues

My appreciation and gratitude for our ongoing response to this crisis. Please take this opportunity to continue experimenting with the craft that is learning from home.
This week will be a difficult one as kids, parents, and teachers are confronting unprecedented challenges.
Power to you.


What are the top six responsibilities of the PTA at International Schools?

  • Support the school: The Board, Administrators, Teachers, Students
  • Understand the mission and the strategic initiatives- LRSP 
  • Provide volunteer service as appropriate
  • Assists with annual fund and other development initiatives
  • Ad Hoc - resource directory of skills and expertise of stakeholders serves on ad hoc committees when asked. 
  • Orients new parents To the environment the school and support roles
  • Avoid becoming a political entity with personal agendas.

What Schools Do to Support Parent Groups?

  • Embraces parent involvement- outreach
  • Orients parents to volunteer opportunities
  • Engages volunteers for training in various roles
  • Conveys the importance of confidentiality
  • Meets with and communicates openly with PTA leadership
  • With PTA leadership redirects, reorients, and retrains parents
  • Recognizes the efforts of volunteerism on an ad hoc basis and annually.

Financial Assistance Application Season (Third Notice of Four)

HIS Niseko is committed to offering some degree of financial assistance to families that demonstrate financial need in paying tuition. First and foremost, consideration is given to students who have no educational alternatives in Niseko.
Each year, the school allocates 20% of the funds generated by our Corporate and Personal Financial Aid Fundraising drive.
An application and information document is attached to this newsletter. Hard copies of these documents are on display in our school’s entrance until May, 31.

A few notes for this week:

  • Take lots of breaks and lots of walks, if possible. Leave your smartphone.
  • Please note that although Wednesday is a national holiday, it will be a regular online learning day of school for HIS Niseko.
  • If families wish to check out library books or have any other questions or concerns, please contact me via email. 
  • Stay positive, low-key, and calm. This too will pass. 
  • I am available, each day from 12:30-1:00 PM. to anyone who wishes to talk. 


Niseko Upcoming Dates

  • May 16 Spring Bazaar (Tentative) 
  • May 28 Hangetsu Hike MP1-MP3 EY optional (Tentative) 
  • May 29 MP1-MP3 Writing Celebration
  • May 30 or June 6th  Fun and Fitness Day Niseko Campus (Tentative)  
  • June 12th Teacher Appreciation Day
  • June 12th End of the Year Performance @Chomin Center (Tentative) 
  • Park Golf Field Trip Final Week of School (Tentative) 
  • Kuromatsunai River Adventure trip Final Week of School  (Tentative) 
  • Jun 18 Closing Ceremony/Last Day of School/11:40 Dismissal
  • Jun 19 Teachers Last Day
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