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 Administration Corner 

  Head of School    

Child Protection at HIS 

Administration would like to thank the many volunteers and parents who came out to join in child protection training, which was offered over the first weeks of school. This was a key next step in our school’s move forward to ensure best practices in child protection. 

As a member of the Japan Council of International Schools, HIS must work to and maintain the high standards of child protection required of the organization. As a JCIS school we must have the following: 

  • Staff Code of Conduct - Link provided below
  • Effective recruiting practice with a specific attention to child protection - Achieved through our hiring agencies and practices
  • Reporting Guidelines - See our policy document below 
  • Ongoing child safety education for school community - Annual online training for teachers and in-house training for staff, volunteers and vendors
  • Published child protection policy to both internal and external audiences. - See policy document below

The essential documents that HIS follows to ensure best practice in child protection include our Code of Conduct and our Staff & Student Protection Policy and Protocol documents as well as a Signs to Look Out For to help you identify indicators of abuse or predators. 

Final Document: HIS Code of Conduct - Google Docs

HIS Student & Staff Protection Policy & Protocol - Google Docs

Signs to Look Out For - Google Docs

As an additional follow up to ensure a safe school environment, in the fall of 2019, school administration introduced the HIS - Vendor / Volunteer Service Provider Agreement, which requires all volunteers and vendor providers to be trained in child protection and to uphold and sign to the school's Code of Conduct. 

Through these documents and through other information on child protection, I encourage you to become better educated on child protection issues and support us in creating a safe and wholesome environment at HIS.

Please visit our school’s Profile Page where these policies and documents are now posted. School Profile 

Recommended Documentaries: 

  • Leaving Neverland (Netflix) 
  • Abducted in Plain Sight (Netflix)

  From the Principal’s Office  

Open House
A reminder of the upcoming HIS Open House on (Monday) September 16th.
Parents are welcome at any point during the day to visit their children's classrooms and see learning in action.

The PTA is planning a community BBQ for the afternoon directly following school, starting at 3:30.  Please come out to join us! Lots of food and a great chance to meet up with other parents and teachers!

Yearbook / ID Card Photos

Next week, plan to have your child look their best as the Publications Team will be taking the 2019-2020 yearbook portrait photos (which will also be used for their school ID cards)

Early years, and elementary students will have their pictures taken B1 & B2 next Tuesday, September 10th.
Middle school and high school students will have their pictures taken next Thursday, September 12th during B1 & B2.

HIWA Bazaar
The Hokkaido International Woman’s Association (who advertise our events each year through their “What’s on in Sapporo” publication), have asked me to let you know of their upcoming bazaar on October 6.  Please see below for details:

PTA Steering Committee Meeting
A reminder that on Wednesday, October 2nd the PTA Steering Committee meeting will be held in the teacher’s lounge (Rm 206) at 3:45. All interested parents, guardians, and teachers are welcome. Please come to learn how you can get involved! Babysitting is provided for parents who need it. Please contact me for details.

 Greetings from the Executive Board 

If you wish to learn about what the Executive Board is
and what we do, please follow this link to the HIS homepage:
(Governance page is here)
If you wish to read the minutes to our meetings,
to read in detail, what exactly was discussed and decided on,
then follow this link to the HIS homepage minutes archive:
(Minutes Archive is here)

 From the College Advising Team 

Save the date:
Thursday, October 17 from 5-6pm
The College Advising team will be holding an information session, specifically geared towards parents of 11th and 12th-grade students, about the college application process. We will talk about what students should be doing now in order to best position themselves for college or university applications. Please bring your questions!

Nick Fazio and Laura Harmon
The College Advising Team

 @ Niseko 

English Try
Thanks to the town of Niseko for including in their first ‘English Try’ morning. Local grade 6 students from the town had an opportunity to use their English skills with Barry or Merek for a short conversation and to complete their mission. Well done to all. 

Open House (School in Session) 
This September 16, from 10:20 -12:00 is our annual OPEN HOUSE. 


During Open House, the school operates, as usual, allowing prospective families to visit the school, receive a tour, learn about the school’s educational programs and observe lessons. HIS families may also attend school, observe classes and engage with visiting families. 

Please understand that this is not a time for one on one conversations with teachers as they will be engaged in learning alongside the students. 

Also, we kindly request that visitors stay outside of the EY classroom as to not disrupt the learning for our littlest ones. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Math Olympiad Contests: 


The dates for Math Olympiad have arrived!

At HIS Niseko, Grade 4 -6 students participate in theMath Olympiad contest. The goals of this contest are:

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem-solving
  • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Good luck to our Grade 4 and 5 students as they yet again compete versus math students from around the world.

Barry Mernin
Hokkaido International School Niseko

 AP Human Geography 

This year the high school Social Studies department will be introducing a new course: AP Human Geography, which explores the global geographic landscape from a human perspective-- examining the way that human economic systems, cultures, and governments impact and shape environments and vice-versa.

This course provides a great opportunity to integrate relevant, real-world topics into the classroom, and we would welcome any hands-on experiences, especially those related to Hokkaido, that would help make the course concepts more “real” for students. Later in the year, students will study the topics of agriculture and industry.

Parents, do you have any first-hand experience with local agriculture or industrial production? Do you have connections with local sites that could provide students with an opportunity to connect their learning to Hokkaido?

If so, please email Laura Harmon ( with any leads!

 HIS Parent E-mailing List 


Husky Parents!!
Do you ever have trouble receiving the weekly HEx, Husky-Info bulletins or other school-wide emails?  Do you have another email address to which you’d like to receive these electronic communications? If so, please email us at  or phone the main office so we can update our mailing lists and include you as soon as possible!

 From PTA 

PTA Steering Committee Meetings
Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Megumi or Neil know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.

PTA Information Website:

 AP Capstone 

Call for parent experts!

Do you have experience conducting original research at the graduate level, post-graduate level, or in your current work? Do you have experience with a particular data collection or data analysis method, whether quantitative or qualitative?

Our AP Research students need your help!

AP Research is the culminating course of the Capstone curriculum that asks students to add new research to an existing field over the course of the school year by designing a study, gathering data with a field-appropriate method, analyzing their findings according to an appropriate method, and presenting their findings in a 4,000-5,000 word research paper and oral defense.

We need experts to help coach our students in various data collection and analysis methods. Your help could take the form of coming into class and offering a mini-lesson on a method with which you have experience OR volunteering to be available as an expert advisor for students as they engage in the research process and have questions that come up.

If you have any experience that you think may be helpful, please email Laura Harmon ( so we can discuss possibilities. We appreciate your time in helping our students engage in this higher level work!


 Scholastic Bookclub 

Great News! HIS is running a Scholastic International School Book Club.

All books are now available for you to order online. You and your child can look through the paper catalogue and make your selection and then place your order online at 

The online catalogue is also available for you to view directly at the Scholastic Website and to place your order online.

Please place your order online by Sunday, 22nd September 2019. 
Each order will earn free books for our school!
Delivery of the books to HIS will be between 7-10 days after the closing date. 
Your order will then be dispatched to your child in their classroom.
If you have any questions, please contact Alison Manjyoume 

MP3 teacher
Room 205  

 Science in Action 

In the last couple weeks, biology students have studied the cell cycle, including two forms of cell division known as mitosis (for growth and tissue repair) and meiosis (to create gamete cells for sexual reproduction). They grew onion roots and prepared microscope slides to analyze mitosis in onion roots (see images).

Nature of Science students has begun their unit on chemistry, completing a simulation to learn about atomic structure and the differences between atoms, ions, and isotopes.

AP Physics students have worked hard to grasp how to do math with vectors, and are now learning how to analyze and solve problems of Kinematics. They are currently writing a procedure to test the Kinematics equations experimentally.

AP Psychology students began the year learning about the history and methodology of science. They are currently conducting correlational studies to see if variables are connected. An example of this is to see whether student grades are related to the amount of sleep they get. If an AP Psychology student asks you to respond to a survey, I hope you’ll consider participating (and being as honest as possible!).

 Upcoming Events 


Upcoming EVENTS

Sept 16 Open House
Sept 19 MS Learning Trip
Sept 28 - 28 JV Girls VB Tourney

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out to...

  • Ms. Manjyoume and Mr. Kelly for organizing this week’s elementary assembly and the MP3 parent BBQ that followed.
  • Ms. Marquez for the work she is doing in preparation for next week’s cross country event at Makomanai Park.
  • Mr. Erickson, Mr. Piazza, Mr. Pangier and Ms. Marinova for accompanying the senior class on their two night trip to Daisetsuzan last week.



All welcome … old and new players to our Fall sports program. Get active !
We have JV and Varsity Volleyball for girls. We also have MS Volleyball for girls. All teams are practicing enthusiastically and learning new skills and growing confidence with their team mates.
We may have a teacher `All-Star` team give the varsity girls a game after school next Wednesday.

Go Huskies!


If you are an HIS parent and are looking for a babysitter for an evening or on the weekend, please feel free to contact  
Interested HIS parents can then be provided with a list of students available for babysitting.
Also, if you are looking for a student tutor for your child, please contact  

 The Publications & Media class 

This year the students have revived the online student website, www.TheHusky Pulse with lots of new content including artwork from elementary, middle, and high school students, MP3 narratives, high school writings, student articles on HIS events and the Hokkaido outdoors.

Also check out HIS Newscast, a series of quirky video reports created by high school students.

The Husky Pulse, created by students for all to see.


 Information from the Music department 

After School Violin and Piano Program

Please consider joining the After School Violin and Piano program, where we offer private lessons for students from preschool to highschool. There are limited rental violins also available for elementary students.

We currently have 3 excellent professional violin teachers and 1 piano teacher. If you are interested, please read the attached document below, which has information about our teachers and their respective lesson fees and times.

This year, 2 of our violin teachers are offering group lesson options. Please see the attached pdf for Ms. Ichikawa and Ms. Kawamura’s lessons for more information.

Sign up will be a first-come-first-serve basis except for those students who decide to continue lessons from last year. All returning and new students must sign the Application/Consent Form by Aug. 29 (Thursday)

There will be envelopes in front of the music room door. Please submit the forms into the appropriate envelope by the deadline.



Lesson Room


Teaching Language

Ms. Ichikawa (Violin)


Rm 206

3:45 - 6:00


Ms. Oshima (Piano)


Music Room

3:45 - 6:00


Ms. Kawamura (Violin)


Rm 201

3:45- 6:00

Japanese or English

Ms. Tomioka (Violin)


Rm 206

3:45 - 6:00


Violin Lesson Fee
30 min lesson - ¥3 500 /lesson
45 min lesson - ¥5 000/lesson
60 min lesson - ¥6 500 /lesson
Piano Lesson Fee
30 min lesson - ¥3 000 /lesson
45 min lesson - ¥4 250 /lesson
60 min lesson - ¥5 500 /lesson

Download Document Here

 Library News 

Hello Parents the library would like you to assist your students get more out of our library.  You are welcome to come in with your child and borrow from 3:30 to 4:30 each school day. Of course students can always come in before school and at lunchtime as well so do encourage them to always have a book to read that interests them!
We are actively seeking to recruit volunteers to help our existing dedicated parents and former parents who are the mainstay of our library service.  Without the support of parents we could not provide the range of books that we currently have. Please contact me if you would like more information or drop into the library.If you wish to learn about what the Executive Board is
and what we do, please follow this link to the HIS homepage:
(Governance page is here)
If you wish to read the minutes to our meetings,
to read in detail, what exactly was discussed and decided on,
then follow this link to the HIS homepage minutes archive:
(Minutes Archive is here)
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