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 Administration Corner 

  Head of School    

Revised Articles of Incorporation

At the last meeting of the Board of Councilors, members gathered to pass the revised Articles of Incorporation for the school. ‘The Articles’, as they are usually referred to, serve as a kind of constitution for the governance of the school and define the roles of the Executive Board and the Board of Councilors, and they help to define the relationship between both boards.

Last year, the school’s attorney felt that the Articles needed revising to ensure that the Executive Board was the clear final authority of the school and that the Board of Councilors hold the position as the main advisory body for the school. This was echoed by recommendations made by the school’s accrediting body, WASC, to streamline the school’s governance. Discussions were held across last school year and a revised document created.

The Executive Board passed the revised Articles in the summer of 2018. At the last meeting of the Board of Councilors, the document was unanimously passed by all members in attendance. The final step will be to register the Articles with the Government of Hokkaido.

The school believes that the new Articles will serve the best interests of the school far into the future.


  From the Principal’s Office  

Project Santa
This year the students, parents, and teachers of HIS will again come together to support "Project Santa” - a gift-giving donation drive for Hokkaido orphanages during the holiday season.

We would like to ask the HIS community to support this project by donating gifts, which will be taken to three orphanages in Hokkaido (Hokko Gakuen in Ikutahara near Kitami, Nansoen in Sapporo, and Kousho Gakuen in Sapporo)

Starting on Monday, November 19th, students are asked to bring donated gifts to HIS. Please read the following instructions carefully:

- A price range of a gift from 1500 yen to 2000 yen
- Each student should buy a present for their same gender and age level.
- Families with more than one child at HIS are welcome to donate just one gift total if they would prefer
- NO CARDS / LETTERS / NAME should be attached to the gift
- Please write your age, gender, a simple description of the gift on a “post-it” and attach it to the gift. (ex; “age 7, girl, stuffed animal”)
- Please do not write anything directly on the present
- Important: Please do not wrap the gifts
- All gifts should be store-bought (no used or 100 yen shop items please)

Presents are to be brought to HIS by Wednesday, December 5th (at the latest)

Elementary Students: Student Council will collect your gifts from your homeroom teacher
* Secondary Students: Please deposit gifts in the box found at the library desk

We appreciate your contributions to help us make the holiday season more joyful for others.

--- Thank-you!

Secondary Student Progress Reports
A reminder to secondary parents to please check Alma regularly to keep track of your child’s progress.
Please also note that progress reports will be sent out (via email) during the week of November 26th.

Parent ALMA Accounts
Please note that this week we will be sending password creation emails to all parents who have not yet activated their Alma accounts. Remember that all report cards for your child are generated and will be stored within Alma - including elementary K-5 reports starting this semester.

Next PTA Meeting
Looking forward to seeing parents at the next PTA meeting this week on Wednesday, December 5th, from 15:45 in Room 206.
Everyone is welcome, please join us!
If you would like to have a babysitter, please contact me at

 HIS Parent E-mailing List 


Husky Parents!!
Do you ever have trouble receiving the weekly HEx, Husky-Info bulletins or other school-wide emails?  Do you have another email address to which you’d like to receive these electronic communications? If so, please email us at  or phone the main office so we can update our mailing lists and include you as soon as possible!

 @ Niseko 

Greetings from HIS Niseko.


What is Santa Project?
Santa Project time is upon us!
This year, our MP3 students, Liene and I are coordinating the Santa Project for two local orphanages: Aiseigakuen and Iwanai Kouseien (around 90 children).
Our friends, Rie Pickering and Ami Small have begun this project many years ago. HIS Niseko is proud to build upon their achievements.
For this upcoming Christmas season, we again humbly request donations of money to buy:

  • toys
  • stationary
  • socks
  • Gloves and towels
  • Christmas cake

Just as last year, we request that people donate 2000-3000 JPY so that HIS Niseko can order the above items via online purchase. HIS Niseko is organizing a group of student volunteers to order, wrap and tag each gift.
Below are two bank accounts where you may kindly deposit any donation:
#Post Office Bank (Yucho) Branch 908
Normal account 19946851 サンタノヘルパー
or Post Office Bank ATM 19060-19946851

# Hokuyo Bank Kutchan branch
Ordinary account 3612218 サンタノヘルパー
You may also drop off your donation of money to the Administration Office at HIS Niseko ℅ Administrative Assistant.

If you or your company would like to help, we would appreciate it greatly.
Please send any questions or comments to or

Mummy and Me Thank You
Big thanks to Ms. Kennedy for hosting our monthly Mummy and Me event. This is a highlight at our school as we continue to build our Reggio Emilia inspired community of learners.
The next Mummy and Me is scheduled for January 16.

Volunteers still needed for Library
We still could use the support of volunteers to assist the organization and upkeep of the school library. Please contact me at if you would like to help us out.

Upcoming Dates:

  • November 21 visit Niseko ES morning 
  • Nov 22 Ice Skating Day
  • Nov 23 Lesson Study/ Labor Day

Barry Mernin 
Hokkaido International School Niseko

 Information from the Music department 

After School Violin and Piano Program

Please consider joining the After School Violin and Piano program, where we offer private lessons for students from preschool to highschool. There are limited rental violins also available for elementary students.

We currently have 3 excellent professional violin teachers and 1 piano teacher. If you are interested, please read the attached document below, which has information about our teachers and their respective lesson fees and times.

Sign up will be a first-come-first-serve basis except for those students who decide to continue lessons from last year. All returning and new students must sign the Application/Consent Form by Aug. 30 (Thursday)

There will be envelopes in front of the music room door. Please submit the forms into the appropriate envelope by the deadline. 



Lesson Room


Teaching Language

Ms. Ichikawa (Violin)


Rm 206

3:45 - 6:00


Ms. Oshima (Piano)


Music Room

3:45 - 6:00


Ms. Kawamura (Violin)


Rm 201

3:45- 6:00

Japanese or English

Ms. Tomioka (Violin)


Rm 206

3:45 - 6:00


Violin Lesson Fee
30 min lesson - ¥3 500 /lesson
45 min lesson - ¥5 000/lesson
60 min lesson - ¥6 500 /lesson

Piano Lesson Fee
30 min lesson - ¥3 000 /lesson
45 min lesson - ¥4 250 /lesson
60 min lesson - ¥5 500 /lesson

 Greetings from the Executive Board 

If you wish to learn about what the Executive Board is and what we do, please follow this link to the HIS homepage:
If you wish to read the minutes to our meetings, to read in detail, what exactly was discussed and decided on,
then follow this link to the HIS homepage minutes archive:

 From PTA 

PTA Steering Committee Meetings
Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Megumi or Neil know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.

Next PTA Meeting
Looking forward to seeing parents at the next PTA meeting this week on Wednesday December 5th, from 15:45 in Room 206.
Everyone is welcome, please join us!
If you would like to have a babysitter, please contact Neil at

English lesson offered by a parent with teaching experience. If you are interested or would like to have more details, please contact More information will be posted in PTA website as soon as it is available


PTA Information Website:

 Upcoming Events 


November / December EVENTS

Nov 23 Labor Day (No School) / Teacher Professional Development / Lesson Study Day
Dec 13 Winter Celebration
Dec 14 - Jan 4 Winter Break


Thank you to everyone who ordered from our Scholastic Book Club.
We are delighted to let you know that thanks to your support we earned £101.67 to spend on books for the school.
Please look out for our next Book Club to order great books at great prices and earn loads of free books for our school while you do.

Alison Manjyoume
MP3 Teacher


JV boys will have their first game this Thursday against the traditionally strong Hiragishi HS. Come along and lend your support to our young team.
We are trying hard to organize more games for all our other teams. Stay tuned …..

Go Huskies!

Basketball 2018 / 19


If you are an HIS parent and are looking for a babysitter for an evening or on the weekend, please feel free to contact  
Interested HIS parents can then be provided with a list of students available for babysitting.

Also, if you are looking for a student tutor for your child, please contact  

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