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 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Mourning the Loss of a Husky

It is with a very deep sense of loss that HIS learned that our very beloved student and friend, Mayu Fujita (Grade 11), passed away yesterday at approximately 3:00 pm, after a three year battle with illness.

Mayu will be remembered for her immense kindness, her cheerfulness and for the bravery with which she has faced the challenges of her illness. Her presence always brightened the room and she will be sorely missed by friends and teachers alike.

We extend our deepest sympathies to Mayu's parents who are having to face this unbearable loss. They have included HIS in a "Memory Drive" tomorrow (Thursday 26) at 10:15 AM in which the hearse, bearing Mayu, will be brought past HIS in a final farewell. Students, staff, parents and community members are welcome to be present outside the building, or from the MPR while the vehicle passes the school.


The HIS Community Mourns an Alumnus

The HIS Community mourns the loss of one of its near and dear. Shoshanah Kaufman, graduate from the class of 2008 passed away on Tuesday 17 as the result of a tragic accident.

Shoshanah is remembered for her sense of fun, her style and charm and for her talents on the stage, in dance and in music. She was quick to flash a warm and caring smile and to stop by and engage friend and newcomer alike in conversation. These will be sorely missed.

Our condolences are extended to Shoshanah’s family; parents, Phred and Hiromi Kaufman, and brother, Jonah. The Kaufman family has been a pillar of the HIS Community, Shoshanah having literally grown up at HIS. Her father has served on both boards of the school and is currently an auditor for the Executive Board. Shoshanah was one of the early students to make the transition into the new building from the Fukuzumi campus and was in the last graduating class to have been at the old building.

A memorial service is planned for November. Updates will be published to the HIS Community when the details are available.


  From the Principal’s Office  

Away this week
Although I’ll be away at the EARCOS Conference in Bangkok this week, I will be checking my email regularly.
If you need to contact me about any matter, please don’t hesitate to mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Fall Festival Volunteers
If you are a parent volunteer for the upcoming Fall Festival, Megumi will be contacting you regarding organization meetings this week.

SAT Subject Tests are scheduled for Saturday November 4th.


 @ Niseko 

Greetings from beautiful Niseko.


pa le on to lo gist
Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Barton, for bringing in the awesome replica fossilized dinosaur skull. We loved Mr. Sinclair’s presentation as we thought about what happened to the dinosaurs, where they could be found and the name of a Nanotyrannus.


Ice Skating Day
Cheers to good folks at Tomori Ice Skating Rink for their kind support of our student ice skaters. This is always a great day of physical education and team building. I was especially proud that the students practiced the virtues of friendliness, perseverance, and kindness as we all learned to become stronger skaters.

Big shout out to Mrs. Anita for transporting one injured student to the hospital (she is ok); and to the MP3 students who helped out the MP1 and EY students with their gear.

Thank you all for a great day of fun and skillful learning.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • November 1 Mummy&Me
  • November 2nd  Cultural Exchange
  • November 9 International Read Aloud
  • November 9, 2017 MP1 and MP3 IPC Exit Point

Barry Mernin

Teaching Administrator and Seasonal School Coordinator
Hokkaido International School Niseko

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out

  • Watanabe-san for taking several elementary students (and their parents) out on a fishing trip near Shakutan on Wednesday during Fall Break.


 Elementary After School Activities 

After School Activities for Quarter 1 are finished
After School activities for quarter 1 are over. We will be taking a two-week break until the start of our next session (which runs from November 7th January 12)

Thanks to the activity sponsors!

HIS would like to thank our activity sponsors with all our hearts for their wonderful service in providing excellent after-school programs for our elementary students. Special thanks go to Mr. Bob Johnson and Ms. Yoko Yamakawa for providing Guitar and Hula Dance, respectively!

Next session begins on November 7th!

Please check your email inbox for information on upcoming after-school activities for quarter 2. The activities will start in early November and run through mid-January. We will send descriptions and a sign-up form within the week! Check your inbox and check back here for details.

 From PTA 

PTA Steering Committee Meetings

Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Neil or Megumi know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.

Next meeting will be Wednesday November 1st.


New! PTA Information Website:

This year’s Fall Festival will be on November 3rd and it is one of the biggest PTA sponsored events at HIS.
 We need a lot of volunteers for selling food and drinks, helping with the raffle, and many other activities.
It would be wonderful if you could join us, even just for 30 minutes. If you cannot make it on the day, there are other ways to help in preparation. So, please let us know!


If you are an HIS parent and are looking for a babysitter for an evening or on the weekend, please feel free to contact
Interested HIS parents can then be provided with a list of students available for babysitting.

 Upcoming Events 



October 27 - End of Quarter 1

November 3 - Fall Festival
November 4 - SAT Exams
November 6 - Teacher PD (school closed)
November 23 - Teacher PD (school closed)

 Husky Lunch 

Please see HERE for the Husky Lunch Menu for the week of October 23 - 27


The MS Volleyball teams had another fabulous tournament in Kobe. It was the largest sporting group that we have ever taken … 19 lively girls! They were always well behaved and played really well to win many sets and games. We even won the service/receiving competition in both divisions! Special congratulations to Winnie and Riho who were chosen as our tournament MVPs.
A HUGE thank you too for Ms. Sugino who chaperoned the trip and probably missed a bit of sleep over 4 days and 3 nights!
After Fall Break, our basketball program will begin. Check out the schedules.

Go Huskies!

 HIS Parent E-mailing List 


Husky Parents!!
Do you ever have trouble receiving the weekly HEx, Husky-Info bulletins or other school-wide emails?  Do you have another email address to which you’d like to receive these electronic communications? If so, please email our communications coordinator at so we can update our mailing lists and include you as soon as possible!

 Zumba is up and "dancing!" 

This is an HIS community activity, welcoming all ages! We have a wonderful, energetic teacher (Shiho-Sensei) who leads us from 5:30-6:15 every Thursday evening in the MPR (Sapporo). The cost is 500 yen for middle school and high schoolers and 1000 yen for adults.  Besides this very reasonable fee, all you need is some determination to give it a go, a pair of supportive athletic shoes, and comfortable clothing. Mrs. Oda (teacher) and Mrs. Atsuko Clipstone (HIS parent) are the contact people for this activity. If you need babysitting, please let Mrs. Oda (Rm #202)  know -- we will be trying to arrange something if there is a need. See you there! ZUMBA ON!!!! 

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