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 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Unity in Purpose & Accreditation

HIS teachers started the year off with an activity that quite literally connected them all together. Using a couple balls of wool, we connected ourselves by discovering our commonalities. It was a great opportunity to rediscover things about one another, to find out about our new staff members and to rediscover the unity of purpose that brings us all together. No matter what, we all share the little “boat” that HIS represents and our single purpose is and remains the learning of students at HIS.

We look forward to serving our school community and moving forward with the upgrades and changes that every new school year brings.

This is also a WASC Accreditation year so we will be uniquely focused on what our school is doing and in discovering our strengths and areas for growth. Look for updates and news regarding the WASC Focus on Learning Self Study. We expect to conclude the process through a visit from the Visiting Committee of WASC which will likely be here sometime in April. 

Dear Elementary Parents,

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) Mr. Cooke and Mr. Ratzliff will be hosting an 'Parent Orientation Session' in the MPR for any elementary parent who is interested. The presentation will be similar to last year's Orientation Session, with some updates for this school year. We will begin at 7:00 pm and hope to finish at 8:30 pm.

Note that babysitting will be provided for the time that is scheduled. We hope that this will allow more parents to attend.

Please make time to come and talk to get questions answered in regards to the school. We look forward to see you there.

School Administration


  From the Principal’s Office  

Parent Orientation Sessions:

Tuesday August 22 (Elementary) at 7:00pm
Tuesday August 29 (Secondary) at 7:00pm

At both sessions, Mr Ratzliff and Mr Cooke will be presenting details of the school life and curriculum at HIS.  Please contact Mr Cooke at if you require a babysitter.

SAT Exams (October 7th  sitting)  - Deadline for registration: September 8th

PSAT Exams (October 11th sitting) - PSAT Exams are  ordered for this year already based on requests last year.  However I am allowed to expand that order if there is need.  Please let me know if you would like me to order an exam for you (grades 9 -10) by Friday, August 25th.  NOTE:  ALL grade 11 students are automatically registered for this exam.

A reminder that Wednesday September 6th) the first PTA Steering Committee meeting of the school year will be held in the teacher’s lounge (Rm 206) at 3:45.  All interested parents are welcome.  Please come to learn how you can get involved!  Babysitting is provided for parents who need it.  Please contact me for details.

 @ Niseko 

Greetings from beautiful Niseko.

Thank you to all for attending our Opening Ceremonies. We are quite fortunate to have such supportive community. We are off to a flying start.

Thank you to Susan Otani, Winse Heyward, Lindsey Heyward and Mitsuko  Sakakibara for an outstanding seasonal school. Our students hailed from all over East Asia and all looked extremely happy as they played and learned in Niseko
We are excited to begin Math Olympiad at HIS Niseko. You may learn more about Math Olympiad @ Please see testimonials below:


from THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE article (Jan 18, 2011):

  • ...We do a lot of problem-solving and it's fun. (Connor Daley)
  • ...We like math. It's not like our parents make us come. (James Guiden)
  • ...It's not just 5 plus 5 kind of math. (Octavia Crowell)
  • ..Here they encourage you to think with other people and work your brain. It's more challenging than things we do in class. (Mae Burris-Wells)
  • Tom Welch, coach

Joelle Brookner, coordinator
Williamstown Elem School
Williamstown, MA

This year’s challenge: “How can we retain all of our current students?” My challenge to myself and to all is 100% student retainment.
We have a small but strong community here at HIS Niseko and every single member is important. My highest priority this year as a school administrator is to support each and every member of our community to stay happy and stay!
Have a wonderful year of learning at HIS Niseko.

Barry Mernin

Teaching Administrator and Seasonal School Coordinator
Hokkaido International School Niseko

 Music Department 

Dear Sapporo and Niseko Parents,

The photos for our 2017 concert, ABC, are now available to download for free! However, because the HEx is a public page, we will be posting the information via Huski-Info and our closed Facebook Page, HIS Families and Friends. The photos were taken by some of Mr. Erickson's publications students as well as Mr. Katayama as well! Please be on the lookout for the posts coming out soon!

 Child Protection & Safety Training in Japanese for Parents  

Dear Volunteer Parents,

In order to best care for our students here, all volunteers and staff at HIS are expected to attend a Child Protection & Safety Meeting. The City of Sapporo has offered to send someone to HIS to go over the important information this Tuesday, the 29th at 1:00. We will meet in the teacher's lounge. It will be conducted in Japanese, but I plan to have someone there to translate for those more comfortable in English.

I would love to see volunteers at the meeting.

YOU,Mandi Tull
HIS Librarian

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out 

  • Principal Cooke - for Preparing the school for it’s WASC Self Study Year and the school’s transition to the new online online administrative system, ALMA.
  • Tanya Dechodomphon - who we are also welcoming to HIS as our new EY teacher.
  • Mr. Mariano Alonso - who we are welcoming to HIS as the new PE teacher and dorm parent.
  • Mrs. Anna Charlebois - who we are welcoming to HIS as the breakfast cook and dorm parent.
  • Mr. Takashi Ogawa for the many hours of work put into preparing the school for this school year with repair and cleaning work.
  • Miles Zeorlin - who we are welcoming to HIS & Dorm 2.
  • Yuuki Suzuki and Anita Chiruki for their excellent organization during the seasonal school weeks. Your help is always appreciated.


 Zumba is up and "dancing!" 

This is an HIS community activity, welcoming all ages! We have a wonderful, energetic teacher (Shiho-Sensei) who leads us from 5:30-6:15 every Thursday evening in the MPR (Sapporo). The cost is 500 yen for middle school and high schoolers and 1000 yen for adults.  Besides this very reasonable fee, all you need is some determination to give it a go, a pair of supportive athletic shoes, and comfortable clothing. Mrs. Oda (teacher) and Mrs. Atsuko Clipstone (HIS parent) are the contact people for this activity. If you need babysitting, please let Mrs. Oda (Rm #202)  know -- we will be trying to arrange something if there is a need. See you there! ZUMBA ON!!!! 

 From PTA 

Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Neil or Megumi know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.



 Upcoming Events 



August 22 - Elementary Orientation  at 7:00pm
August 29 - Secondary Orientation at 7:00pm
August 30 - September 1 - Grade 12 Overnight Trip
August 31 - September 1 - Grade 11 Overnight Trip
September 4 - School Holiday
September 7 - 8 - Grade 9 / 10 Overnight Trip
September 18  - Open House (school day)
September 19 - Cross Country Day (20th back up)
September 29 - 30 JV Girls Volleyball Tournament

 Husky Lunch 

Please see HERE for the Husky Lunch Menu for the week of August 17 - September 25.


Hokkaido International School seeks a coach to support our team of enthusiastic and talented high school girls in their efforts and enjoyment in this wonderful sport. 
The season has already begun and concludes during the 2nd week of October; despite being a fairly short season, it is certainly a busy one with many games and tournaments. Renumeration and full support are provided by the school.
Please contact Athletic Director Rod Kelly ( if you are interested or know of someone who may be interested in this position.
Thank you for your consideration
Hokkaido International School

Go Huskies !

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Husky Parents!!
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