HUSKY EXPRESS April 25, 2017


 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Kitara Concert

Such a fantastic show Friday night! Kirin and Yutaka Sugino, once again thank you so much for all of your wonderful work that results in such an incredible performance.

While we await the photos and DVD, I would also like to put out a thanks to the art students who had their work out on display in the lobby. So great that our performance can bring out such school-wide contributions.


Financial Assistance Applications

On an annual basis, HIS sets aside funds to support families who may find themselves in financial.

The Executive Board updated the Financial Assistance application process and related documents ahead of the 2017 ~ 2018 school year. If you are in need of financial assistance, please stop by the school office and pick up the HIS Financial Assistance Application from Administrative Assistant, Mr. Hirotake Tawaraya.

Today is the first of four weeks of announcements regarding Financial Assistance. Applications will be available from Tuesday, April 4.

The deadline for Financial Assistance Applications is May 1.


  From the Principal’s Office  

ABC Kitara Concert

A huge congratulations to all our performers at Kitara on Friday night! A spectacular effort and thanks to Kirin and Yutaka Sugino for all they did to guide our students along the way.
As well, so many people - parents, teachers and students - worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the evening a success.  Thank-you to you all.  Can’t wait until next year!

Parent Conferences
A reminder that Spring Parent Conferences are scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3rd.
Students will attend morning classes as normal (on the Wednesday schedule).  Parent conferences will then start at 1:00.
Elementary: If you would like to sign up for a conference, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher and they will schedule an appointment.
Secondary: If you have not done so already, please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment with your child’s teachers
The deadline for signing up for a conference (elementary or secondary) is Monday, May 1st.

Important Information about May 3rd:
- The school bus will leave school at 12:25
- All students will be dismissed at 12:10
- School lunches will be cancelled on this day

Elementary Parents Pick-up
Now that spring is here and temperatures are rising, could elementary parents picking up their children please wait in the front genkan or outside the front doors?  This will be very helpful to minimise noise and disruption for elementary classes at the end of the school day.  Thank-you for your understanding!

The next PTA Steering Committee meeting is  MAY 10th at 3:45 in the Teacher’s Lounge

Upcoming Testing:
- AP Exams--- May 1 - 19
- SAT Exams--- Saturday, May 6

 @ Niseko 

ABC Kitara


Cheers to all for making ABC Kitara such a wonderful event. The mission for the night was to inspire the audience. I hope the children were able to enjoy their performances as much as the adults. It surely was an exciting night.
Thank you, Kirin and Yutaka Sugino for all your hard work collaborating with our little campus. Your extra work really helped us look our best. Cheers to Naruse-san for transporting the performers. Cheers to the teachers, Ms. Lola, Mr. Sinclair for helping make the kids look sharp. Cheers to Mrs. Churiki and Mrs. Suzuki for your comprehensive support. Cheers to Mrs. Ueda for providing delicious sandwiches and for organizing costumes. Cheers to the PTA for costume making. Cheers to the HIS Sapporo community for their many acts of kindness.
Special thanks toMerek and Shinobu Sinclair for your daily, dedicated, expert tutelage of our young dancers. It was a special treat to see the kids so very confident on stage. I have a renewed appreciation of choreography. It was a joy to watch the kids grow as performers. Your practice sessions were always a delight.

Visit from Hokkaido University
On Saturday, HIS Niseko was proud to open our doors to the International Mass Media / Tourism graduate students from Hokkaido University. The students had a tour of our school as well as listened to a talk about admissions, curriculum, students, and teachers. We talked about how our school came to be. Thank you all for a great day.
Upcoming Dates of Note:

  • April 26th 9:30- 12:10 Bouldering at NAC
  • April 27 Writing Celebration 2:15-2:50 MPR
  • May 3 Parent-Teacher Conferencing

Barry Mernin

Teacher Administrator HIS Niseko

 Grade 10 Donation Request 

The current Grade 10 class continues to fundraise in preparation for their service trip next year, and they are currently in need of a small refrigerator to store supplies for fundraising activities. If any HIS community members have a used, working refrigerator they would be willing to donate, please contact Ms. Harmon at

 Music Department 

A Big Thank You!

Dear HIS community,

Thank you so much for coming to support our students. Thank you also for your flexibility and understanding as we prepared for the big day. We were so extremely proud to see our students transform into the performers you saw that evening over the course of this year, and we hope you were too!

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out 

  • The HIS PTA and HIS NISEKO PTA for their countless, tireless and indispensable efforts to support the performance at KITARA this past weekend. The power of the performance was rivalled only by the power of our parents to support our students and teachers. Thank you!!



SKATEBOARDING will be on offer as an afterschool activity this Fall!!


HIS is on the lookout for used skateboards and skateboard parts. We hope to collect equipment donations to support this extracurricular activity.
If you have an old deck, helmet or pads, or even a set of wheels, trucks or bearings please contact Mr. Tomasine & Mr. Gambino:

 Upcoming Events 


APRIL and MAY Events

April 23 - AdHOC Yoichidake trip

May 3 - AM Shortened Class Schedule /
            PM Parent Teacher Conferences
May 4 - 5 - HIS Golden Week Holiday (no school)
May 13 - Elementary Sports Day
May 13 - 16 - Freshman Class TripMay 21 - AdHOC Sarugawa Raft
May 25 - Huskies Day
May 25 - 26 - Elementary School Overnight
May 26 - John Kamitsuka Piano Recital


Really big numbers of MS girls turned up last week for the first day on `unofficial` Spring practice. It was great to see so many newcomers as well.

Gym use from this week. Monday … Elementary Basketball. Tuesday … MS Volleyball. Wednesday … Community Basketball. Friday … MS Volleyball

Go Huskies !

 Husky Lunch 

Please here for viewable and downloadable versions of the Husky Lunch Menu -  April. 24 - 28

 Elementary Activities 

Mr Johnson and Mr Katayama do such a fantastic job every Wednesday afternoon leading our guitar group. We really have some budding guitarists of the future.

 HIS Parent E-mailing List 


Do you ever have trouble receiving the weekly HEx, Husky-Info bulletins or other school-wide emails?  Do you have another email address to which you’d like to receive these electronic communications? If so, please email our communications coordinator at so we can update our mailing lists and include you as soon as possible!

 From PTA 

Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Neil or Megumi know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.
Next meeting is  MAY 10th at 3:45 in the Teacher’s Lounge

Free babysitting is available for during the meeting upon request.

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