HUSKY EXPRESS June 7, 2016


 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

HIS Reads - Students across the secondary have again begun debates leading up to the culminating debate of HIS Reads. The event combines debate, literary understandings and a love literature and is guaranteed to reward anyone with an interest in seeing our students perform at their academic best. Make a point of attending the final debates on Wednesday, June 8, 10:55 ~ 12:10 in the MPR.


HIS Art Show- This week we get to celebrate the achievements of our art students at the HIS Art Show. AP Studio Art students will be able to display their work and you, as HIS community members, will have the opportunity to buy some of their amazing pieces through a silent auction. Tuesday June 7 at 3:00 pm.


 HIS Summer School 2016: Accepting Applications 

Please head over to our Summer School 2016 Page to check out the details!


  From the Principal’s Office  

Hard to believe it, but there is now just a week and a bit left until summer vacation!

A reminder to all students to finish their last few assignments (don’t give up yet!) and begin bringing back all borrowed school materials.

 @ Niseko 

Movie Night:
Thank you to the PTA for organizing a special viewing of Star Wars, Episode VII. It was long and, at times, scary but a great night had by all. Thanks again and cannot wait for next year’s four movie nights.
Planting Out
Big time gratitude to the students of Niseko High School for their big time help with our flower beds. This school is looking better with everyone’s help. We are lucky learn in your neighborhood.
Also, thank your for playing versus our spirited soccer players. We hope we were not overly competitive. See you next year!
Garden Update
Deep appreciations to Yuki Suzuki, Kohina Suzuki and Matsuo Tsuneo san and for saving our tomato plants during our cold snap. We very much appreciate your advice and timely support.
Reflections from MP3
List the three areas of mathematics that were difficult for you this year.
“Money, Graphs, Fractions” Take, MP3
What will you remember from the Bake It IPC unit of learning?
“ I will remember having so much fun baking bread with everybody. Next time, I will try to eat it because everyone said it didn’t taste good.”- Kohina, MP3
What are you reading in school now?
“The Story of Rome, Monster Mansion, New Monster in School- Olly, MP3
What will you remember from the Climate Change IPC unit of learning?
“I will remember how people make the earth polluted every day and we are taking habitats and making animals extinct or endangered. I will also remember how we pollute the air like using cars, airplanes stoves, or even using electricity. I think humans are horrible not taking care of our planet earth.”- Noah, MP3
What are your strengths as a mathematician?
“I am very strong at doing multiplication. I notice that my multiplication is faster than last year. I need to work on stem and leaf plotting more.”-Hemi, MP3
PTA Meeting Notes:
On behalf of the students of HISNiseko, thank you for your attendance and thoughtful questions during our final PTA meeting. I am proud to be a part of this unique community of learners. Let’s keep the good vibes going strong for next year.
Thank you especially to our PTA Liaison committee members: Melissa Moss, Anita Churiki and Miyo Ueda.
Our good work together is just beginning.
Teacher Appreciation Day
Thank you to our PTA for the delicious and outstanding show of appreciation to our teachers. It is a true pleasure to serve your children each day.

Barry Mernin
Teacher Administrator HIS Niseko

 After School Japanese (ASJapanaese)


Japanese Classes Currently Available! 生徒募集中

HIS has begun offering after school Japanese Language lessons. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 - 4:45 PM in Room204.
Seats are currently available for native or near-native Japanese speakers, from MP3 - High School.
For program information and applications, please contact the program director at


お問い合わせは: まで。皆さんのご応募をお待ちしております。

 Secondary Music Concert “Otodama” 

All are welcome to join the Secondary Choir and Music Appreciation students in this year’s music concert “Otodama,” meaning “Soul of Sound.” The songs chosen for this concert are meant to represent the power and energy that words and sounds can have through music. So of course, you will see the students singing, body “percussing”, drumming, and even dancing! We will be performing at the Sapporo Children’s Theatre Yamabikoza- a first time venue for us. We would love to see the familiar and warm faces of the HIS community there!

Date: Friday, June 10th
Sapporo Children’s Theatre Yamabikoza
Address: Kita 27-jo, Higashi 15-chome, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
Time: 6:00 pm OPEN, 6:30 pm START
Tickets: Available at School Office
Adult (High School and above): 1500 yen
Child (Middle School and below): 500 yen

日  時6月10日(金)開場 6:00 開演 6:30
会  場:札幌市こどもの劇場やまびこ座
住  所:札幌市東区北27条東15丁目
チケット:大人(高校生以上)1500円 子ども500円

 “MUSICing” Photo Information 

MUSICing pictures are finally ready to be purchased online!

Instruction on how to purchase pictures, including “Photo Exhibition Room Code” will be sent to all elementary parents by email. We’d like to ask you not to share the code with anyone else as these pictures are only for the HIS elementary families.

*Please purchase pictures by Sunday August 14th, 2016.
*If you would like to purchase a Concert DVD (4500 yen), please email Ms. Kumagai by Monday June 13th

コンサートの写真 オンライン販売開始 

写真の閲覧•購入方法と「写真展示室コード」は担任の先生から email にてお知らせがいく予定です。コンサートの写真は HIS のエレメンタリーの保護者にのみ公開していますので、「写真展示室コード」を外部の人に教えることはお控えください。

image03.png*コンサートのDVD (4500円) を購入希望の方は、6月13日(月)までに熊谷までメールでお知らせください。

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out t

  • Mr. Cooke, Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Fazio - proctoring the SATs last Saturday.
  • Ms. Manjyoume & Ms. Kumagai - for again organizing the annual piano & violin recital on Sunday.
  • Watanabe-san - the very beautiful vegetable garden that is developing outside the windows of the dormitory.
  • Ms. Miyatake - for proctoring the first Kanji tests at HIS last Saturday.


 Kanji Proficiency Test 

おつかれさまでした!for those who participated in the Kanji Proficiency Exam (漢字検定) at HIS last Saturday. There were 19 participants from MP1-HS and parents.
The results will be back after the summer. Please keep studying kanji for the next exam! The schedule for the next exam will be announced next year.  We would love to see more participants!


 Elementary Activities 

This week will be the last week of After School Activities for this year. Many thanks to all the leaders who gave the kids the choices and opportunity to try new things.

 Upcoming Events 


June 15 HS Sports Day
June 16 Last Day of School / HS Graduation
June 20 Summer School Begins

 From PTA 

Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Neil know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.


Soccer on the back field every Monday after school. All welcome
The soccer team will have  a game with Shoshi Gakkuen on Monday 13th.
Open gym Volleyball every Wednesday from 3:30 - 5pm … All welcome
Thursday is Volleyball for girls only
Community Basketball each Wednesday from 5pm.

Go Huskies !

 Husky Lunch 

Please check HERE for viewable and downloadable versions of the Husky Lunch Menu for June 6 - June 10 !

 After School Music Lessons 


HIS offers after school violin, piano & keyboard  lessons with  professional musicians. Lessons are held Mon-Thurs. & are available in English & / or Japanese. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるバイオリン、ピアノ、キーボードのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週月曜〜水曜日に行われます。まだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the school website.

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