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  Head of School   

Road Safety -  As temperatures warm up in Sapporo there is a noticeable difference in the speeds that citizens drive at. We are fortunate to have a crosswalk and pedestrian light that our students can use to safely cross the road to school if they are arriving from the subway station.

If your children walk to school, we encourage you to remind them to make use of the traffic light and not simply dash across the school. This message will be repeated here at school as well. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure a safe environment.

 HIS Summer School 2016: Accepting Applications 

Please head over to our Summer School 2016 Page to check out the details!


  From the Principal’s Office  

AP EXAM SEASON --- We wish a huge good luck to all of our high school students sitting AP exams over the next three weeks.  Although studying is of course important, please don’t lose sight of the importance of a good night’s sleep as well - especially the night before your exam(s).

It should be noted, that for a small school we have a high percentage of students participating in the AP program - 39 students with 58 exams being administered.  Well done, Huskies!

PTA Steering Committee Meeting - Wednesday, May 4th at 3:45 in the teacher’s room.

 @ Niseko 

Cheers to all of you for yet another wonderful week of learning at HIS Niseko.

Parent Teacher Conferences-Thank You:
HISNiseko hosted Parent Teacher Conferences last week. Thank you all for coming out and conversing with our team. It was a joy to see so many happy faces. Feel free to send us any comments or questions regarding the PTC process. We are always looking to improve our lines of communication.

Spring Bazaar THANK YOU!
Our annual Spring Bazaar was held April 26. Despite the rain, we had a very successful day. We particularly enjoyed meeting all the families from the area. Tremendous thanks to our PTA for hosting this special communal event.

Upcoming Dates of Note:
May 9th 10th 11th Niseko Primary Cultural Exchange
May 10th Crazy Hair Day
May 11th Asobook
May 11 @16:45 Halloween Meeting with Paul H. at the Town Council
May 14- Sports Day in Sapporo

Mud Season
Now is the season of rain and mud. Alas, we are going to make every effort to send our students out for recess, each day. Please, kindly ​have your child dress accordingly.


Barry Mernin
Teacher Administrator HIS Niseko


 After School Japanese (ASJapanaese)


Japanese Classes Currently Available! 生徒募集中

HIS has begun offering after school Japanese Language lessons. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 - 4:45 PM in Room204.
Seats are currently available for native or near-native Japanese speakers, from MP3 - High School.
For program information and applications, please contact the program director at


お問い合わせは: まで。皆さんのご応募をお待ちしております。


HIS is proud to be showcasing the talents of it students who have been taking After School Violin and Piano lessons with the professional musicians and teachers, Eiko Ishikawa, Masami Tomioka, Kayoko Oshima, Shoko Kumagai and Yoko Kawamura.

Join us for an afternoon of music in the MPR on Sunday, 5th June at 2pm. FREE


日 時 6月5日 午後2時より
場 所:HIS 1階MPR 



Open gym Volleyball every Wednesday from 3:30 - 5pm … All boys and girls welcome
Thursday is Volleyball girls only
Community Basketball each Wednesday from 5pm.

Go Huskies !

 “MUSICing” DVD Information 

“MUSICing” DVD (4500 yen) on Sale
Thank you those who have ordered the concert DVDs. If you haven’t done so, and if you would like to purchase, please email Ms. Kumagai ( DVDs are now sold at 4500 yen.
*Pictures of the concert will be ready to be sold soon. Thank you for your patience.

“MUSICing” DVD (1枚4500円)
コンサートDVDの先行予約は終了しました。今後購入希望の方は、熊谷 ( までご連絡ください。1枚4500円で購入いただけます。


 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out to

  • Kirin Sugino - for the very enjoyable evening of drama last Friday!
  • Teachers & Attending Parents -- for taking the time to meet at Conferences.
  • Hajime Katayama - for helping to stage the drama performance.
  • Neil Cooke - for arranging for all the AP exams and SAT test during his holidays as well!  


 Elementary Activities 

Calling for volunteers to lead an after school group until the end of the year. Hopefully, we can send notices home soon outlining the available choices for students.

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the school website.

 HIS Drama Performance 

Dear HIS Community,
A big thank you from the High School Theatre class of 2016 to all that attended the show last Thursday evening. The money is currently being counted, and we will be able to share the results of your generosity by next week. Your presence and show of Husky Spirit meant a lot to all of us. Thank you thank you thank you!

 Upcoming Events 


May 7 SAT Exams
May 14 Elementary Sports Day
May 14 - 17 Freshman Class Trip
May 18 Elementary Sports Day (Backup)

June 2 - 3 Middle School Overnight
June 4 SAT Exams
June 15 HS Sports Day
June 16 Last Day of School / HS Graduation
June 20 Summer School Begins

 From PTA 

PTA Steering Committee Meeting - Wednesday May 4th

Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  Any parent is welcome to attend, and please let Atsuko and Neil know if you would like to become a regular (and voting) member of the committee.

 Husky Lunch 

Please check HERE for viewable and downloadable versions of the Husky Lunch Menu for May 4 - May 6 !

 After School Music Lessons 


HIS offers after school violin, piano & keyboard  lessons with  professional musicians. Lessons are held Mon-Thurs. & are available in English & / or Japanese. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるバイオリン、ピアノ、キーボードのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週月曜〜水曜日に行われます。まだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

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