HUSKY EXPRESS March 2, 2015


 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Elementary Music Performance, Do Re Mi: We eagerly look forward to the elementary school performance this coming Friday. Under the guidance of Ms. Kumagai, our elementary students have grown as knowledgeable learners and appreciators of music. I am sure you too have heard your children come home singing at the top of the voices to the many tunes they have been practicing so hard on. We look forward to seeing you there!

  From the Principal’s Office  

The first middle school and high school progress reports for semester 2 are coming up this week.  I will send an email to parents when all grades have been updated for checking in PowerSchool.

The next PTA Steering Committee Meeting will be Wednesday March 4

 @ Niseko 

HIS Niseko students and teachers alike are really looking forward to participating in Friday’s Elementary Music Concert.

 Husky Hugs 

A thanks to our ES students Nikita, Denis and Arina for so kindly stepping in to welcome Mr. & Mrs. Fabrichnikov from the Russian Consulate. They were wonderful hosts!

A thanks to Mr. Adams for organizing the wonderful ski days for secondary students. An additional thanks to the parents who came out to help supervise groups and teach skills at each level.


 Outdoor Leadership 

Jōzankei Overnight

The high school spent two days at Shinzen-no-mura participating in winter and indoor sport, including Biatholon, Tube Sumo, Jozankei Chef, Flying Annie, and Knowledge Bowl.

 ArtSonia Gallery for
Elementary Students

Elementary On-line Gallery at ArtSonia
Art Room News – Invitation to the Art Gallery of your child

MP1 through 3 students have explored art and created very nice work. Their beautiful art is uploaded to their own Art Gallery on ArtSonia ( Please do not forget to activate the digital portfolio of their individual Art Gallery.

It is easy to activate the gallery. Please go to, and then go to your child’s screen typing in the screen name on the Permission Form. On the screen, you will see the column to type the security key. Please type the unique security key on the Permission Form, and set up the security Q&A. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question or concerns.

Ms. Machidori

The online gallery is also a great way to share your child’s art work with family, relatives and friends.

 Executive Board Update 

The Executive Board had their 4th meeting of the school year on Wednesday, January 28th. Minutes of each Executive Board meeting appear a month later in the homepage Governance tab, section “Meeting Minutes Archives.” There is also a brief summary of each board meeting in the Governance section of the HIS website under the heading “Board News.” This is updated after each meeting. All the year’s minutes and previous years’ are accessible from the HIS homepage site, under the Governance tab, section the “Executive Board Minutes.”

 Elementary Concert 2015 

Elementary Concert "Do Re Mi" Tickets on Sale!

Thank you for those who purchased tickets using the "order form."
Those of you who have not purchased tickets yet, or those of you who would like additional tickets, please understand that now tickets may only be purchased directly from HIS office.

まだ購入されてない方、追加購入を希望の方は、お手数ですが直接 HIS 1F オフィスにてご購入ください。

Pre-school & Elementary Parents:
To order tickets, please fill out the "order form" (---this went home with your child on Friday Feb. 20th), place it in an envelope, along with the exact money (NO CHANGE PLEASE!) and send it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, February 27th. After February 27th, tickets may only be purchased directly from the office.

Other parents, students, community members:
Please purchase tickets directly from HIS office.
*All performers are free of charge.

Information : Hokkaido International School  011-816-5000 or

Friday, March 6th 2015, OPEN 6:00PM > START 6:30 PM
Adult 1000 yen / Child 500 yen

Do Re Mi at L Plaza 3rd Floor
Kita-ku kita 8 jyo 3chome , Sapporo

Hokkaido International School 011-816-5000 or

 Elementary Activities 

Monday is `Snow Fun` and they have been making some interesting creations outside.
Tuesday is `Puzzles and Games` which has kept their minds ticking over.
Wednesday is `Mini Golf` which had an unusual and challenging course in the library last week and `Guitar` continues to make some great sounds !

 Babysitting/Odd Jobs Directory 

Check out this directory of students able to help! Email Mrs. Currie at if you have trouble accessing the directory or would like to post any job needs. If you know of anyone that needs help with specific projects, just write!

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the Calendar

 College/Alumni Corner 

Extracurriculars and then some..

HIS requires 2 EIR (Extra Involvement Requirement) credits. These are ways that the student is involving themselves in more than just their classes. Maybe it’s a sport or a cultural activity or an adventure outdoors.

Current offerings are a way for students to reference in-school activities but there are always things happening in the community to turn experience into credit.

If you have connections or opportunities in the community that our students could benefit from, please contact me at I am always eager to connect students to real world experiences from which they can benefit. This directory is for students who are able to babysit or do small jobs. Please consult or ask if you are in need of assistance.

As always, please write if you have any questions. Office hours are B-days from 2-3:30.

Upcoming Events:

AP exam fees due March 1st
May 2 SAT date registration is now open. We will also offer June 6th as well.

The College Corner on the 3rd floor has a variety of new summer program mailings - stop by and check them out!

Link of the Week:
Companies with benefits for part-time jobs:

 Yearbooks still available! 

The books are 5000 yen. Sibling price is 8500 yen for two books. Limited supply. Contact Mr. Shaffer at

Hokkaido International School JAZZ BAND With Special Guests A Night of Jazz

Friday, March 13th 2015, OPEN 5:30PM > START 6:00PM
Place : House of Jazz
Adult / Child 500 yen
Address : Chuo-ku minami 3 jyo nishi 27 chome 1-15, Sapporo
(closest subway stop is Maruyama station)
Information : Hokkaido International School 011-816-5000 or

 Upcoming Events 

  • MS Winter Overnight in Takino - March 5~6


The MS girls basketball team have enjoyed a weekend of fun and friends and some great action at the tournament in Kobe. We played really well but were narrowly defeated in our first game with eventual champions the Bulldogs and then went down narrowly again our second game against the Flames where we did not play as well. To the girls credit they came out with great energy on Saturday to convincingly beat the Dolphins by 33 points in a great team performance.
Go Huskies !

 From PTA 

The next PTA Steering Committee meeting will be Wednesday, March 4th.

-- April 18, 2015 -- 10AM to 2PM in the HIS Gym
(A fundraiser organized by the HIS Parent Teacher Association)
Flea market, food for sale, games to play, entertainment, hot and cold drinks - bargains and fun for the whole family!

Boxes are now outside the office to collect donations for the PTA stall at the bazaar.  Again, as stated above, all profits from the bazaar benefit the students and school though funding future events and the PTA grant program.  If you have goods you'd like to sell, but are not going to rent a vending space at the bazaar yourself, please consider supporting the PTA through a donation or two to this box.  (Please, no clothes or stuffed animals - except if new in original packaging).

Мы собираем пожертвования для Весенний ярмарки. Коробка для пожертвований находится возле офиса.
Пожалуйста, внесите свой вклад!
기증용 상자가 사무실 앞에 준비되어 있습니다

Vendors can join the flea market to sell used or new goods - clothes, toys, books, handicrafts, etc. (excluding food/drinks). Vendor spaces are open to the school community and the general public. A vendor space costs 1,500yen and measures approximately 2 x 1.5 metres (a discount rate of 1,000yen applies for current HIS Staff, Parents and Students).
To reserve a vendor space, please email or call HIS (011-816-5000) by Tuesday, April 13th
Vendor space positions are allocated on a first-come first-served basis - hurry and register!

The PTA is looking for parent volunteers to help make the spring bazaar a success. Atsuko Clipstone and Mika Nakamura will set up a table at the front entrance on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 (February 18) to collect names of volunteers.
You can also contact them through
Please ask them how you can be involved in this fun event.

The PTA encourages all HIS families who have facebook to join “HIS Family and Friends” as this is a great way to find out about things going on at the school and in our community.

 Invitation to be a Game Critic 

Though a family contact the school was introduced to Mr. Kevin Yockey, founder of Club Penguin, a children’s gaming company that is now owned by Disneyland. The Mr. Yockey started a new gaming software company and has developed an educational game based on the abacus (soroban / そろばん). The company is looking for feedback on their developing game product.

The game provides challenges in the form of math question that need to be solved on the soroban abacus.  The faster a player completes the challenges the harder the challenges become.  The math is currently limited to addition and subtraction. The owners believe that someone who is actually familiar with the soroban will not find the game too challenging.  There isn't a specific age-group in mind, anybody familiar with the soroban and able to add/subtract numbers should be able to play.  The secondary students might be the perfect age (?)

They would like feedback on:

  • Is the game fun?
  • Is it clear how the game is played?
  • Is the game easy to play but difficult to master?
  • What do players like or dislike about it?
  • Is there value in pursuing an educational angle or should we stick to casual gaming?

They are also eager to hear about any teaching tips or tools they could use to help an audience understand the mechanics of an abacus and play the game better.  So far the biggest challenge is teaching people how to play the game, but once they learn it they typically enjoy it and come back for more.

If you or your child is interested in this opportunity, please send an email to Head of School, Barry Ratzliff at


Great News! HIS is running a Scholastic International Bookclub!
All books are now available for you to view and order online. You and your child can look through the paper catalogue and make your selection and then place your order online at

The online catalogue, which contains the entire Scholastic book list,  is also available for you to view directly at the Scholastic Website and to place your order online.
Please place your order online by April 6th, 2015.
Each order will earn free books for our school!
Delivery of the books to HIS will be between 7-10 days after the closing date. Your order will then be dispatched to your child in their classroom.
If you have any questions, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 teacher, at


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