HUSKY EXPRESS November 24, 2015


 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Admin Doings - Dormitory Program

Hokkaido International School has benefited for 20 years from the presence of a dormitory program. Dorm students represent the most diverse section of our school program and bring valued perspectives from students who come to us from all around the world.

Next week, I will be heading up to Sakhalin, Russia to visit with current and prospective families who have an interest in our school program. I’ll be meeting with Russian, Malaysian and European families who seek the quality education that we have to offer here at HIS.

Inspired Teachers - Lesson Study

It was my privilege this past week to join the Lesson Study professional learning with four teachers-in-training. I appreciated watching teachers be inspired by the power of this model of professional dialogue and planning. I look forward to watching HIS grow even more as a professional community.

Representing WASC

As an WASC accredited school, I am annually called to meet association requirements to support the accreditation process at other schools. This past weekend and into the start of the this school week, am visiting Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan. Such visits always provide valuable takeaways for HIS and provide a valuable point of comparison. I’m always impressed with HIS as I look at other schools through the lens of the WASC process.


  From the Principal’s Office  

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

A reminder to PTA Steering Committee members that we will meet next Wednesday (December 2) at 3:45 in the teacher’s lounge.  Please remember too that all parents are more than welcome to attend these monthly meetings.  You do not have to be an active member.

Secondary parents: You should have received an email from me on Friday detailing our academic behavior plan.  If you have any questions about this plan (or if you did not receive it through our parent mailing list) please let me know.

 @ Niseko 

Greetings from HISNiseko.
Appreciations to all for a wonderful week of learning at HISNiseko.
This week, we hosted an NHK television crew, the Town Council Board of Education, a visit from HIS Sapporo’s
Librarian, Kathleen Riggins and two visits from Head of School, Barry Ratzliff. I am proud to write that the students were terrific throughout and that the school was well represented. Thank you all for your hard work this week.

Save the Date: December 15th
HISNiseko will be a collection point for this year’s Santa Project 2015. This year we will ask local companies and communities for donations of money to buy toys, stationary, and snacks for two orphanages based in Rankoshi and Iwanai.
During the morning of December 15th. Volunteers are needed to help wrap gifts. Stay tuned to this space for further details.

Next PTA Meeting: November 27
Please note that our next PTA Meeting will be November 27 at 9:20 am. I will be sharing our action plan for 2015-2016. All HISNiseko parents of prospective parents are invited.

Teacher Administrator

 After School Violin Lessons 


HIS offers after school violin lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Thursday & are available in English & / or Japanese. Lesson are available starting from 3:45pm If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるバイオリンのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週水曜日に行われます。午後3時45分から開始のクラスにまだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 After School Piano/Keyboard Lessons 


HIS offers after school piano / keyboard lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Monday &are available in English & / or Japanese. Lesson times remain available starting from 4:15pm. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるピアノのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週月曜日に行われます。ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 After School Piano Lessons 


HIS offers after school piano lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Tuesday  & are available in Japanese. A few lesson times remain available starting from 5:00pm. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるピアノのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは日本語で、毎週火曜日に行われます。午後5時から開始のクラスにまだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 Winter Celebration 

Friday December 11th in HIS Gym
Niseko @2:45pm
Elementary (MP1, 2 and 3) @3:00pm
Instrumental & Jazz Band @3:30pm
Choir & Music Appreciation @4:15pm
Please join us in an afternoon of music making♫♫♫


The MS boys will be busy this week with 3 games as they prepare for the Kobe Tournament next Month. The JV team got a basketball lesson last Thursday from the very strong visiting team from Sumikawa JH.

Go Huskies !

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out to

  • Mr. Piazza, Ms. Shibuya, Mr. Pangier and Ms. Oda for their ownership and  leadership of Lesson Study.
  • The many teachers who stepped in to help out with subbing during this past week.
  • The JV team for their valiant efforts this week in their last game against Keihoku.  



 Elementary Activities 

Activity Guide
All the new activities are proving very popular with large numbers of students participating. We appreciate what the volunteer leaders do for our students.

Materials Needed!
The Engineering group run by Mrs. Manjyoume is collecting cardboard tubes for their activities. Please donate paper towel, plastic wrap or other cardboard tubes (no toilet paper tubes, please) to Mrs. Manjyoume in room 205. Your help is much appreciated! 


 Outdoor Leadership 

AdHOC Mountain Biking
AdHOC did it first-ever Mountain Biking trip in the woods west of Eniwa. Well, about two hours were in the woods, and 30 minutes was straight down Rarumani creek.

The 300 HOC’ans
Adventure Hokkaido Outdoor Club celebrates it 300th member … Mr. Gambino!

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the school website.

 Upcoming Events 


Nov 23: National Holiday (No School)
Dec 3 - Dec 6: MS Boys Basketball Tournament
Dec 8: Parent Coffee - Report Cards / Assessment (8:30-9:30)
Dec 11: International Day / Winter Celebration
Dec 18 - Jan 11 - Winter Break (No School)

Jan 12 - School Resumes

 From PTA 

The next PTA Steering Committee will meet in the teacher's lounge on Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

 HIS Cheerleading Recruits
 Elementary Students


As the snowy season approaches, every year during the Snow Festival season, HIS hosts a basketball tournament here in our gym. The Snow Festival Classic showcases  the Junior Varsity Boys, Varsity Boys, and Varsity Girls teams. Our teams are joined by those from all around Hokkaido and even an international school in Nagoya.

In order to make the tournament more enjoyable for all, HIS Athletics is creating a Cheerleading Team for students in Early Years and Mileposts 1, 2 & 3. Boys and girls are both invited and practices will be every Thursday from 3:30~4:30. Practices will begin based on the availability of those who sign up. Performances will include the Pep Rally on Day 1 of the Tournament, Feb 5th, and the half-time show on Saturday, Feb 6th. If your child would like to join, please contact us as soon as possible!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at practice!!




 Student Council One Yen Drive


HIS Student Council is currently raising money for an orphanage in Cameroon. Our fundraiser is called the one yen drive. There will be petroleum bottles in every class and classes will put one yen coins in the bottles. The goal is to collect as many one yen coins as possible. Our goal is to raise $800-$1000 this year. Funds raised will go towards building showers for those who live and work at the orphanage, as well as towards buying school supplies, computers and indoor cooking facilities. The fundraiser will run until February and donations will be made in March.


Zumba Classes- see image for details.


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