HUSKY EXPRESS October 12, 2015


 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

Bicycles on the Track & Safety Conversations -- I appreciate the PTA partnering with the school to discuss after school safety for our students at Thursday’s meeting last week.

One of the issues raised last week was the use of bicycles on the running track. Near serious accidents have occurred when bicycles collided with children playing on the field or track.

After a discussion, we agreed to banthe use of bicycles on the track as we feel it protects our students from potential serious injury.


Similarly, we will close the back playground to after school play when the soccer team practices.

We thank you for your understanding.


Parent Coffees
We look forward to seeing you there:
Tuesday, Oct. 13 (8:30 ~ 9:30 am)

  • The Inside View of School Transcript


  From the Principal’s Office  

A huge thanks to all the HIS students who helped out, and/or ran the 3km, 5km or 10km course at Sunday’s Terry Fox Run.  The event went extraordinarily smoothly and there was a great turnout - despite the rain!  700,000 yen was raised for cancer research and we had 252 participants overall (double last year!).  Please visit the event’s FaceBook page (Terry Fox Run in Sapporo).  Photos from today will soon be uploaded there.

The next fall festival organization meeting will be on Thursday October 15th in the dorm (14:30-15-30)

The parent organizers  would also like to have very short meeting with homeroom student organizers (one student each grade) on the same day in room 206 (15:30-15:45) to go over a few details.

MAP Testing will be completed this week

PSAT Exams scheduled for October 14

 @ Niseko 

Upcoming PTA Meeting: October 30 @ 9:20.
Please save the date for the second PTA meeting of the school year. During this meeting, we will discuss research from the PTA Liaison committee, Emergency Phone Tree procedures,Teacher Appreciation Day responsibilities, possible Family Movie Nights, and Open House reflections.
Please email Barry Mernin @ if you have anything that you would like to add to the agenda.

Barry Mernin
Teacher Administrator

 After School Violin Lessons 


HIS offers after school violin lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Wednesday & are available in English & / or Japanese. A few lesson times remain available starting from 5:15pm If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるバイオリンのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週水曜日に行われます。午後5時15分から開始のクラスにまだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 After School Piano/Keyboard Lessons 


HIS offers after school piano / keyboard lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Monday &are available in English & / or Japanese. Lesson times remain available starting from 4:15pm. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるピアノのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは英語または日本語で、毎週月曜日に行われます。ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。

 After School Piano Lessons 


HIS offers after school piano lessons with a professional musician. Lessons are held on Tuesday  & are available in Japanese. A few lesson times remain available starting from 5:00pm. If interested, please contact Alison Manjyoume, MP3 Teacher, Room 205 for an application or email

HISでは放課後にプロの先生によるピアノのレッスンをご提供しています。レッスンは日本語で、毎週火曜日に行われます。午後5時から開始のクラスにまだ空きがありますので、ご興味のある方はMP3、ルーム205のAlison Manjyoume(アリソン万城目)までメールでご連絡ください。


A big Husky congratulations to the HS Volleyball team who played in the WJAA tournament in Nagoya over the past Friday and Saturday.

They lost the Husky-Dolphin Challenge game to Nagoya last Thursday night but they started the tournament with a win on Friday morning against Fukuoka. They then lost a close one to Canadian Academy and were also beaten by KIU and the very strong St Maurs team. Saturday morning saw them have a convincing win against Hiroshima and then lose a thriller to Yokohama 15-13 in the 3rd set. Their overall position was 8th out of 10 schools but it was really great how competitive they were in all games. Thanks to Ms Speirs for chaperoning and Mr Adams in a marathon effort of coaching in tournaments over consecutive weekends. He needs a comfortable bed ! We appreciate all that you do !

Basketball will commence after the Fall Break so watch out for the gym schedule.

 Husky Hugs 

Husky Hugs go out to:

  • Those teachers and parents who accompanied the MS and JV Volleyball Girls Teams to Kobe and Yokohama (Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Fukui, Mr. Adams, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Marinova)
  • the Junior Class and Mr. Piazza for supporting the Halloween event at HIS along with Mr. Barry Mernin who was instrumental in planning the event.


 Elementary Activities 

This is the last week of After School Activities. Thank you to Ms Speirs, Mr Johnson and Mr Kelly for leading activities.
I would love to hear from any teachers or parents willing to lead an activity after the Fall Break ?
We cannot give our children choices without your support.

 Outdoor Leadership 

AdHOC Ducky Trip
22 students kayaked the Shiribetsu river in Niseko. Though the river was fierce, no one got dumped.

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the school website.

 Elementary Music  

Volunteers & Costume Crew Needed for Elementary Concert

The Music Department is looking for volunteers and costume crew who are available and willing to help to get ready for the elementary concert. Jobs for volunteers will include: taking photos and video during regular music lessons, helping out at rehearsals, etc. Jobs for the costume crew will include: sorting out costumes, making costumes and props, etc. If you have time and energy during school hours and/or after school and are willing to help, please email Ms. Kumagai ( the following information by Friday October 16th.

  • Your name
  • Your child's name
  • Can you help us as a general volunteer or as costume crew?
  • Your availability (For example, “Monday morning & Thursday after school”)
  • Your email address


  • お名前
  • お子様のお名前
  • コスチューム係、又は、その他の仕事のお手伝い係、どちらで活躍していただけますか?
  • ボランティア可能日/時間(例:月曜日の午前中と木曜日の放課後)
  • メールアドレス


Zumba Classes- see image for details.

 Upcoming Events 


Oct 12:  Parent Teacher Student Conferences (no school)

Oct 13: Parent Coffee - School Transcript (8:30-9:30)

Oct 17 - 25 Fall Break (no school)

Oct 30: End of Quarter 1

Oct 31: Fall Festival


Nov 3: Teacher PD Day (no school)

Nov 4: Parent Coffee - Outdoor Education (2:30-3:30)

Nov 7: OP Tarumae Lab

 Husky Highlights 

Fall Festival is coming!
Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Fall Festival on
October 31, 2015. Please check out the HIS website for information and details on this important annual, PTA-sponsored event!

Fall Festival Information (HIS Website)

 Husky Highlights II 

Upcoming Elementary Event: ChaChaCha!! (Chief Check-out Chance)

We are proud to announce the upcoming annual literacy event ChaChaCha!! on Thursday, October 15, 11:15 - 11:50 in the MPR.Please read the message below from librarian Mrs. Riggins and encourage your child to pick up his or her reading for Fall Break!
Dear Elementary Students,

Please come and see all of the new library books for elementary students.  The ChaChaCha (Chief Check-out Chance) is Thursday, October 15, 11:15 - 11:50, in the MPR.  There will be time to look at the new books and a book talk by Mrs. Riggins, the librarian.  At the end, each elementary student checks out one new book to enjoy over Fall Break.  We're looking forward to seeing you there.

 From PTA 

The next PTA Steering Committee will meet in the teacher's lounge on Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Please note, all Steering Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.

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