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 Administration Corner 

  Head of School   

The 1st Quarter of the school year comes quickly to a close over this next week. I look forward to the Fall Festival, the exciting first and major event of the school year and encourage you all to be there.

  From the Principal’s Office  

HS Quarter 1 Reports: Please log into PowerSchool to see updated progress reports after October 31.

 @ Niseko 


to parents and community members to come help harvest our garden.
Tuesday at 9:00 we will dig for potatoes, harvest our pumpkins and clean up preparing for winter…
that is if the snow doesn’t get us first.

 Terry Fox Run Thanks 

Some words of thanks from Professor Mark Hamilton (Tokai University) regarding the Terry Fox Run of October 18th. Thank you for your amazing support of the Terry Fox Run on Saturday. Your volunteer spirit and generous contribution of time and energy helped to make it a successful event. I am proud to report that we exceeded our goal of 100 participants and that we raised over 230,630 yen with on-site donations and t-shirt sales.
I hope you’ll check out the community Facebook Page <
> and share your experience with friends and family

 Fall Festival for the Weekend 

The Fall Festival is a major HIS event and includes food booths from all the countries represented by HIS families. Halloween activities for the students (come in costume), and music and other entertainment for everyone. (cont.)

 Fall Festival Cakewalk Information 

This year, the Fall Festival is scheduled for November 1 from 10AM to 2PM. The public are invited to attend.
Check out the school link for location and further information. 

We are hoping to organize a cakewalk for this year’s Fall festival.  A cakewalk is a carnival game from North America, similar to musical chairs. Participants walk around a numbered path in time to music.  When the music stops, a number is pulled out of a hat, and the person who is standing on the number wins a cake as a prize. If you would be willing to donate a cake or other goodies (either homemade or store bought is fine) such as a plate of muffins or brownies, a loaf of bread, or even a fruit platter, or if you have any questions, please send an email to Monica Tsubaki at with the subject line:  cakewalk.
Thank you!

Fall Festival ケーキウォーク(cakewalk)について
今年のFall Festivalで、ケーキウォークというイベントを企画し ています。 ケーキウォークとは、北米で各種イベントやお祭りなどで行われるゲームです。 椅子取りゲームの椅子の代わりに数字がかかれたものが置かれ、その周りを参加者は 音楽にあわせてまわっていきます。 音楽が止まったら、数字のところで静止します。その数字が参加者各々の数字になります。 司会者が何枚かの数字を引いて、その数字と同じ数字の場所にいた参加者が勝者で、 ケーキ、クッキーなどのお菓子を賞品としてもらえるのです。

既成のものでも手作りでもかまいませんので、ケーキ、クッ キー、ブラウニー、 パン、マフィンなどなど、フルーツの盛り合わせでもかまいませ ん、 ぜひぜひ、皆様、寄付をよろしくお願いいたします。寄付していただけるという方、質問等がある 方は、題名をCakewalkと記して、 次のメールアドレスにご連絡ください。
Monica Tsubaki :
日本語の場合は、 中村美香までお願いします。

 Outdoor Education 

Shawn, Lise, Louis, Ayaha and Yuri
circumnavigating Yotei Zan.

Yotei Sunrise

Adventure Hokkaido Outdoor Club successfully reached the crater of Mt. Yotei to see a beautiful sunrise and views of the surrounding areas.

Community members welcome on AdHOC trips … just email Dave Piazza at for more inofrmation.

 Upcoming Events 

  • Oct 17 -- PTA BBQ - 4:00pm
  • Oct 20~24 Fall Break
  • Oct 31 End of 1st Quarter 
  • Nov 1 Fall Festival 
  • Nov 3 Culture Day
  • Nov 17 College Fair 1-3pm
  • Nov 22 Niseko Drama Performance 
  • Nov 24 Labor Day (no school, PD day for teachers) 
  • Nov 28 Sapporo Drama Performance @ Sumikawa Chiku Center (6:00 ~ 8:00) 
  • Dec 4~7 MS Boys Basketball Tournament 
  • Dec 12 International Day & Winter Celebration 
  • Dec 19 ~ Jan 13 Winter Break 
  • Jan 15~18 JV Girls & Boys BB Tournament 
  • Jan 22~25 HS Girls & Boys Tournament 
  • Jan 30 End of First Semester (Report Cards)

 Elementary Activities 

After school activities will start next week so students still have a chance to enrol this week.

 Noh Invitation 

image04.jpgInvitation to the Noh performance

HIS Japanese class has been practicing the Noh as a cultural asset of the program. Mr. Iwamoto, the director of the Hosho School in Sapporo, kindly is inviting students and parents to the performances held in Kyoiku Kaikan on November 29th.
You can enjoy the performances by the three schools; Kanze, Hosho and Kita). The Noh program (with the mask) is "Katsuragi" performed by the Kanze school. The performances will start from 13:30 and will be until 16:30.

10 tickets are available for free admission for the HIS community members. If you are interested in and/or have any questions, please contact me via email.

Naoko Machidori

If you are new to Japan, this would be a great opportunity to learn about the traditional theater performance.

Ms. Machidori

 Yearbooks still available! 

The books are 5000 yen. Sibling price is 8500 yen for two books. Limited supply. Contact Mr. Shaffer at

 Husky Calendar 

Want to see more upcoming events?  Check out the newly updated calendar on the Calendar

 Husky Hugs 

Hugs go to the Senior Class and other students and teachers who went over to Niseko to support the town’s annual Halloween event, which was planned by HIS Niseko. Aside from student participation, thanks go to Ms. Koga (main planner), Ms. Currie, Mr. Salter, Ms. Roe and Mr. Roe who helped to put on the event.

 College Corner 

For the upcoming College Fair, we’re seeking parents of graduates who can speak to having students at schools either in Japan or abroad. If you would be interested in sitting at a table and answering questions from students/parents in English or Japanese - or any other language. Please contact me and let me know:

College Fair: the Australian Consulate for students interested in Australia:

and Laureate Hospitality Program - another prospective school in Tokyo. For detailed information,
please have a look at their website:

They will also be giving a presentation to students the following day (11/18) at lunch. You are more than welcome to attend as well.

Upcoming Events:
SAT - November 8
College Fair - November 17

 From PTA 

The PTA encourages all HIS families who have facebook to join “HIS Family and Friends” as this is a great way to find out about things going on at the school and in our community.

The Fall Festival is the first of the major HIS events and includes food booths from all the countries represented by HIS families, Halloween activities for the students (come in costume), and music and other entertainment for everyone. This year, the Fall Festival is scheduled for November 1 from 10AM to 2PM.
We need for volunteers for the following:
Setup and clean up
Food booths from each country
Please contact our coordinators:
Mika Kawano
Bob Johnson
Tatiana Viyuyrkova
Neil Cooke

Уважаемые родители, сообщаем Вам о предстоящем мероприятии "Осенний фестиваль". Данное мероприятие является одним из важных событий в жизни нашей школы. Во время фестиваля проводятся: тематические конкурсы и игры в стиле Хелоуин для школьников (приходят в костюмах), ярмарка "Кухни народов мира", музыкально-развлекательная программа и другие интересные мероприятия для всех желающих.
В этом году осенний фестиваль состоится 1 ноября
с 10.00 до 14.00.
Мы будем рады, если Вы примите активное участие в этом мероприятии.
Нам нужны волонтеры:
1. Подготовка зала к мероприятию, уборка после мероприятия
2. Приготовление блюд для ярмарки
3. Ответственные за напитки
Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с одним из наших координаторов:
Мика Кавано
Татьяна Вьюркова
Боб Джонсен

新学期が始まり秋が深まってくる頃、大きな学校行事の一番手として行われるのが、Fall Festival;フォールフェスティバルです。
ご質問等は、 に。詳細などは、その都度連絡いたします。

Estamos buscando personas que esten interesadas en organizar Puestos de Comida. Por favor si estan interesados, contactar a Mr. Cooke en


Kami sedang mencari orang untuk menganjurkan Gerai Makanan untuk Fall Festival. Sila hubungi En. Cooke di sekiranya anda mahu membantu.

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