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HIS Language Mission

The mission of Hokkaido International School states that HIS “will nurture inquisitive, creative learners for compassionate stewardship of an ever-changing world by providing a university preparatory program, within an English language environment.” HIS seeks to instill in its students a thirst for knowledge and a desire to continue their education throughout life. The aforementioned goals are delivered through an English language medium. Although HIS is not an English language school, based on the school’s demographics, it does share an obligation to help students develop their English language.

The HIS Language Mission is based on the following premises

  1. The HIS language mission will be designed to apply to all HIS students.
  2. Our language mission takes a nurturing approach to language usage, seeking to inspire and motivate students to appropriate language usage.
  3. We believe that language in academic, social, and professional settings must be taught, practiced and assessed for full proficiency to develop.
  4. Personal goal setting and self-reflection are essential to internalizing a mature and sensitive concept of language use in a multi-lingual world.
  5. Teachers as well as students need to understand that language acquisition is a natural, fairly predictable yet organic process, unique to individuals and age groups, taking three to nine years to reach full proficiency.
  6. Teachers and students must be accepting and tolerant of the ways students use language at different learning stages.
  7. Implementation of a language mission is an ongoing process, frequently reviewed and evaluated, and evolving over time.

HIS Language Mission Goals

The language mission of Hokkaido International School necessitates that students take the lead role in their own language development. The school will provide the atmosphere and educational tools to ensure progress towards proficiency. It is the responsibility of the student to take advantage of this environment. The Language Mission Goals are:

  1. To internally motivate students to develop the language of the school as well as a foreign language where appropriate.
  2. Creating self-awareness of one’s own language ability and progress made towards proficiency over time.
  3. To inform parents of their child’s language ability and progress made. Encouraging students to reach across language and cultural barriers to interact with people who are different.

How do we make it happen?

We keep language ability and usage in the forefront of their minds. We keep them thinking about it, reflecting on their actions, and charting their progress or lack there of through:

  • Formal Language Testing
  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Teacher Assessment Tool
  • Goal Setting and Reflection
  • Reporting
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