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HIS Dormitory Information and Fees

As an arm of Hokkaido International School, the Hokkaido International School Dorm provide students with a safe, healthy and supportive home and family-like environment, in order that residents may reach their potential as students, athletes and individuals who are achieving the educational outcomes of the school. HIS has a capacity of 40 students in its dormitory program. Detailed HIS dormitory information can be found by clicking in the right hand bar for a link to the HIS Dormitory page.

Dorm Fee Payment

HIS Dorm fees are payable annually, however, fee payment will be accepted on a quarterly basis if necessary. Payment is due on August 15 preceding the school year. Invoices will be mailed in July. For students entering after Opening Day, payment is due prior to enrolment.

Dorm Fees 2019 - 2020

Room Deposit Fee (one time only / refundable) ¥50,000
Room Cleaning Fee (annual / nonrefundable) ¥20,000
Room and Board Annual Quarterly

Room Fee (Week & Weekends)

Room Fee (Week Only) 



¥148,000 x 4

  ¥102,000 x 4

Meal Fee (Breakfast and Dinner*)


¥67,000 x 4

*Students can order their own lunches through the school kitchen.

Dorm Fees Refund Policy

The Room Cleaning Fee is nonrefundable. In the case of student withdrawal, room and board fees will be refunded on a quarterly basis: fees will be charged for every quarter in which a student lived in the dorm.
In the event of non-payment of fees, students may be asked to leave the dorm, and no school records shall be released until fees are paid in full.
The Room Deposit Fee will be refunded minus cost of additional cleaning or repairs.

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