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HIS is pleased to introduce the teachers and staff for the 2018 - 2019 academic year: 


Middle School Teachers


Jared Pangier - Language Arts
Jared Pangier is from a place colder than Hokkaido but with far less snow. He has spent the greater part of his 20s and 30s residing in the Asia-Pacific part of the world. His undergraduate degree is in Computer Science while his masters is in education, licensed to teach secondary English.

Beyond his love for literature, he loves writing. He is a regular contributor to Powderlife Magazine based out of Niseko and has future aspirations to publish his manuscript about the resiliency and balance of life. Valuing that himself, when he's not teaching, he spends a great amount of time in the mountains with the rest reserved for his beautiful wife and smiling daughter.

Nick Fazio - Math, Science, Social Studies and IMYC
Born and raised in Long Island New York. Nick received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and History, and his Masters of Arts in Education. Nick has been in the classroom since 2001. Nick enjoys life in Hokkaido, especially the food and the snow. He enjoys the martial arts as well as snowboarding.

Kristin Dixit - Math
I'm originally from Portland, Oregon, and attended the University of Southern California for a BA in Mathematics and Comparative Literature. One planned year in Japan turned into seven (in Oita, Chitose and Sapporo), followed by five in England (home country of my husband, Rakesh), and since 2003, twelve more years in our favorite city, Sapporo. We have two sons, Kiran and Rishi.

I've taught EFL throughout my 19 years in Japan, including six years at local junior high schools. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, skiing, camping, reading, and genealogy.
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