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Outdoor Program

Get OUT There!

A rugged place with raging white water, alpine bogs, smoking volcanoes, and awesome powder snow—this describes only a small fraction of what can be found on the northern island of Hokkaido. HIS is dedicated to providing a wide variety of opportunities for students to Get Out There!

Discover Your Abilities

The many outdoor programs at HIS allow students to discover their true abilities while enjoying the amazing Hokkaido outdoors. Students share their experiences and thoughts in the video at right. Check it out!

Overnights in Nature

As part of the curriculum, secondary students make two annual excursions into backcountry of Hokkaido.


An annual overnight trip in the woods of Hokkaido Citizen’s Forest north of Sapporo for the Junior High. Students are divided in to mixed grade-level patrols of about 6 students. The day starts icebreaker activity, tent-set-up, and lunch.

Afternoon consists of a major tri-annual activity: mountain biking, mountain climbing, and nature hike/leadership activities. In the early evening, dinner preparation starts with cooking in patrol groups. After dinner, there is a campfire.

The next morning is breakfast and packing up the tents. There is usually time final team-building activity before the buses take us back to HIS.

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