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About HIS Executive Board Meetings

Board Meetings The Executive Board has two types of meetings, regular and generative. At regular meetings the board discusses various issues that have arisen and need our immediate attention. Reports are given by the Executive Board Chair, Head of School, Principal, Niseko Administrator, and Treasurer. At regular meetings the Executive Board needs to approve various issues, for example, the budget or calendar for the next school year, certain projects, such as building upgrades, etc….

This school year the Executive Board will have five regular meetings. The regular Executive Board minutes are available to read online in the minutes archives. The generative meetings are used to discuss the future needs of the school, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, even 10 years into the future. The Executive Board will also meet if there is an urgent need, the Executive Board Chair can contact all members to convene an emergency meeting. This school year the Executive Board will have four generative meetings.

The Board of Councilors meets twice a year. Having two Boards is a requirement of Japanese private school law. The Board of Councilors is the primary advisory body to the Executive Board, giving their input on, for example, the budget or major directional items. Advice provided to the Executive Board may result in a revision of decisions before final approval. The Board of Councilors must also approve use of the school's investments and revisions to the Articles of Incorporations and Bylaws along with membership changes on the BoC.

Board Member Selection Process

Nominees for the HIS Boards are recommended by the Board Nominating Committee, which identifies potential Board members, interviews candidates, and proposes a slate of nominees to the Executive Board and Board of Councilors each spring for approval. The process takes approximately two months each year. One third of Board members’ positions are up for review annually.

New Board members are usually asked to join the Board of Councilors. New Executive Board members are usually taken from the Board of Councilors

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for a Board position, please talk with either theHead of School or the Board Chairman, who will forward your name to the Nominating Committee.

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