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Visitors: All dorm students are permitted to have up to 2 guests at a time, however, they must be invited to the dormitory by a dorm resident and they become the resident’s responsibility. The dorm resident will be required to sign in their guest on the “Dorm Visitors Sign-in Sheet”. All dorm students must be present and with their visitor. Guests of the same sex as the inviting resident may go up to the student’s room during free time. Visitors need to leave the dorm during study hours, meal times, and thirty minutes before curfew.

Overnight visitors on the weekends must have the approval of the dorm parents IN ADVANCE. A form needs to be signed by the parents of an overnighting visitor. As was noted previously, females only on the girls’ floor and males only on the boys’ floor at all times. For the duration of their stay at the dormitory, overnight guests must abide by all dormitory rules. When a guest leaves the dormitory, they are required to be signed out by the person who invited them. Failure to do this will lead to the suspension of their privilege to have guests.

When a guest leaves the dormitory, they are required to be signed out by the person who invited them. Failure to do this will lead to the suspension of their privilege to have guests.

Parental Visits: The dormitory welcomes visits by parents to the dormitory. Use of dorm facilities by parents is permitted when space is available. If a student room is empty, parents can be assigned a regular dormitory room, however, generally parents are accommodated in the guest/Japanese room on the ground floor of the building. Bedding will be provided. Notification to the dorm parents must be made at least one day in advance. Fees for room and meals must be paid to the office in advance (or make arrangements to pay after arrival). If the guest room is unavailable, we would suggest that parents arrange to stay in a local hotel.

Staying at a Friend’s Overnight: Staying overnight at the home of a same-sex friend on the weekend, must be approved by the dorm parents and the friend’s parents IN ADVANCE. Application forms for such overnight stays are available from the dorm parents and require the signature and contact information of the friend’s parent(s). Only after receiving permission from both parties will the dorm parents allow a dorm student to stay at a friend’s overnight.

It is imperative to note that dormitory students are required to abide by all relevant dormitory rules while staying outside of the dormitory.

Parents of dormitory students who do not wish their child(ren) to go on overnight visits should e-mail the dorm parents to notify them of this.

Dating & P.D.A. (Public Display of Affection): Girl/boyfriends of dorm students are welcome to visit and spend time at the dorm. However, girl/boyfriends are restricted to the common living room and dining room on the first floor. Visiting girl/boyfriends may not go upstairs for any reason. Public displays of affection, while in or around the dorm, is limited to holding hands or placing an arm around your girl/boyfriends’ shoulders.

Couples need to be respectful and sensitive to other people around them who are sharing the same space. Recognize that the dormitory and the school are multicultural environments where a greater degree of sensitivity must be considered. Unacceptable and insensitive behavior will not be tolerated. If a couple cannot abide by these standards, disciplinary actions will result.

Drugs, Alcohol & Airsoft Guns: The use of cigarettes, tobacco products, alcohol or other narcotics is strictly prohibited. Their use will result in consequences and could lead to suspension or expulsion from the dormitory.

Airsoft gun use is not permitted in the dormitory. If a student is found to have these items, they will be confiscated.

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