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Expectations of Dorm Parents:
- Supervise the home life of dormitory students
- Ensure that students have well-balanced breakfasts and dinners
- To provide a work, activity, and sleep schedule for students
- Ensure the healthiest possible environment for dorm residents
- Be available to answer questions or assist with homework, where applicable and possible
- Be available to listen to resident concerns and make appropriate changes
- Counsel and/or discipline residents when needed

Expectations of Dorm Students:
- Be courteous and respectful towards other students, teachers and dorm parents.
- Be punctual, on time for meals, curfews, and school
- Be the best student you can possibly be
- Keep your room and living area neat and clean
- Use study hours wisely, keeping quiet when others are working and sleeping
- Get involved! Explore Hokkaido and take advantage of optional school/dorm trips when offered


Illness: Students who wake up in the morning feeling ill should come down to breakfast and let the dorm parents evaluate their condition. If they are not well enough to go to school, then they will need to rest in their room for the day. Students who become ill at school should go to the office so their condition can be evaluated and, where appropriate, receive medicine. Students should not leave school and return to the dorm. They must have permission to return to the dormitory to rest.

In the event of injury or illness requiring a hospital visit, students should have their medical insurance information handy. It should be stored in an easily accessible area so the dorm parents can easily retrieve the information from their room.

Students who are feeling extremely ill or who injure themselves late at night and feels like they may need to go to the hospital should come see the dorm parents regardless of the time of night! Dorm student’s health is the responsibility of the dorm parents. The dormitory parents are responsible for assisting students with doctor and hospital visits.

Medication: Please bring your own medications if medications are needed. If you have allergies to certain medications, it is your and your parent’s responsibility to ensure that you bring alternatives so that you do not have to rely on local, Japanese medications. We will not be able to help you find out whether medications are safe for you or not, although we will be willing to take you to a doctor who can make that judgment in the case of an emergency.

Influenza Shots: On an annual basis, the dormitory recommends that students receive an influenza shot as outbreaks of the illness have been a problem in the past. If you do not wish your child to have a shot, please notify the dormitory parents by e-mail.

Health Insurance: It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that their child has international or Japanese medical health insurance for the duration of their child’s time in the dormitory. From the 2013 - 2014 academic school year, all foreign dormitory residents will be required to enter the public health insurance scheme (Kokumin Hoken). Premiums for students will be ¥1680 ( approximately US $17.00) per month, which provides for 70% coverage with a 30% deductible. Registration in the scheme will be completed when students complete registration with the local ward office at the start of the school year. For more complete information regarding medical insurance please click Dormitory Medical Care.

If/When the fire alarm sounds in the building, all students and visitors are to exit the building quietly and calmly via the closest exit. At night this would mean exiting down the main staircase and out through the main doors and out onto the front parking lot. If this route of escape is blocked, students are to exit onto the balcony on the respective floors and wait for the fire department.

Note, that the use of candles, matches and lighters is prohibited in the dormitory for safety reasons.

The main reason for attending HIS is to study and succeed academically. Students are expected to work hard first and foremost. In addition we wish to be like a family here in the dorm, living in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Everyone is expected to behave in such a way as to achieve this goal.

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