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c/o Hokkaido International School
1-57, 5-jo 19-chome
Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku
Sapporo, 062-0935

Calling from outside Japan: No '0' required. If parents wish to call their child(ren) or the dormitory parents from outside of the country, please dial 81 then 80-4506-1155 (for Megan), or 80-4047-6212 (for Joshua).

Calling Long-Distance from within Japan: If calling the school or dormitory long-distance from within Japan, please use the '0' listed in the numbers above.

Telephone Use and Calls: During the first two weeks of the year as students settle into the dormitory, the dorm parents are happy to take international calls for dorm residents, however, we request that you make other arrangements beyond that point. Other than the initial two-week “settling in period”, the dorm parents’ phone should be reserved for emergencies only. For non-critical calls, we request that families make sure to check Japan’s local time before phoning.

Students should refrain from calling or receiving calls on during dinner time and during study hours. If you need to call someone about a homework assignment during study hours that is fine but make it short. Telephone conversations about non-academic issues during academic times are not allowed.

Alternatives to the Phone: In recent years, most families have communicated through computer options such as Skype and MSN. Both services provide videophone options that are free, easy to download and easy to use.

Cell Phones: Dormitory students are encouraged get a cell phone. Several options are available, including rental cell phones which operate through the use of prepaid cards. For more permanent phones, which provide a greater range of services, the dormitory parents will help you to contract with a cell phone company. The AU cell phone company will provide phones to people who do not have a bank account or a credit card. Softbank, is one of Japan’s largest providers, however, students are required to have a bank or postal savings account. (Note: Please see the banking information below for details as conditions apply to foreign students under the age of 16). We recommend that you contract with Softbank, Japan’s largest cell phone provider.

Two Notes of Caution

  1. Cell phone costs may be somewhat higher in Japan than in other countries.
  2. All cell phone contracts are for a two-year period. You will be responsible for the fees to break a contract if you do not plan to stay in Japan for a full two years. You are also responsible to pay all cell phone related bills. HIS will hold a student’s dorm deposit for three months until all bills and contracts have been cleared. Your dorm parents will keep track of and make sure that you have responsibly paid for your bills and closed contracts with cell phone providers. A reminder to turn off your home country cell phones when entering Japan. If you leave your phone to "roam" you may be hit with high fees.

Other Contact Information: You are welcome to contact the school or dormitory parents by e-mail at any time. Below are the most important e-mail addresses:

Dorm 1 Father (Nick Holywell): nholywell@his.ac.jp
Dorm 1 Mother (Kate Holywell): kholywell@his.ac.jp

Dorm 2 Father (Seth Beatty): sbeatty@his.ac.jp
Dorm 2 Mother (Mik Beatty): mbeatty@his.ac.jp

Hokkaido International School: his@his.ac.jp

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