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Greetings from the Dorm Parents

Daniel Stern

Seth & Mic Beatty

Mic holds a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education from Brigham Young University in Utah.  She also holds five teaching licenses from the states of New Jersey and Utah.  She was a dorm parent in a boarding school in Pennsylvania for five years.  She spent last 13 years in New Jersey public schools as a specialist for reading, writing, Basic Skills Math, ESL and Japanese/English Bilingual education.  She really enjoys dancing, swimming and having fun with kids.

Seth grew up in Canada, China, Japan, and Utah. After earning his undergraduate degrees in history and TESOL from the University of Utah, he lived in Sapporo for two years teaching EFL. He attended graduate school at the University of Utah studying history, and then taught for several years in a boarding school in Pennsylvania, as well as a public school in Philadelphia. After earning a M.Ed. degree from Holy Family University in Philadelphia, he worked for 10 years creating material for the TOEFL and TOEIC exams at Educational Testing Service and writing ESL textbooks at Pearson. He enjoys long-distance backpacking, winter sports, and other outdoor activities. He is very excited to be coming back to Sapporo!

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